Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saw this hot rod yesterday at the local library. With headlights! Jealous.

Nothing is more impossible in Stockholm than getting a haircut for a young boy without ending up with a look suitable for an aryan milk ad.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Martha Scotford

I just read your article on Cipe Pineles, now can't wait to read the entire book.

Dear Nikon ( continued)

Dear Nikon, the search for a new camera continues. I think I'm getting the D80 or D60. I borrowed dad's D80 this weekend. What you say readers? Compare the quality of this pic with my regular cellphone camera shots. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear twitter and all people who use twitter

I can't help but reading your question "what are you doing?" as if you were really asking, kind of angrily: "what the fuck are you doing here, again, don't you have better things to do, like work?"

Dear 7 eleven

Wow you really treat your customers well! Is that a latte you're feeding your four legged friend?

Dear Nikon

I thought I'd buy a lumix or a canon power shot g10, but now a Nikon d something seems more likely. The end consumer is so impressed by your way of persuading your potential customers! I had even bought the g10! But you won! Impressive!

Friday, April 24, 2009

almost invisible

ah there she is

full speed ahead

on the micro mini

Dear don draper

Great to see you! You look like life is treating you well. Do you have a wofe you love and four kids these days?

Dear mac d

Your new toy is so strange, Maja said it's fun for the whole family!

Dear mac d

Your new toy is so strange.

Dear cemetary

Your sign is not as precise as one would wish. I know people who can't read who think it means "puppies not allowed".

Mer bloggtips på svenska.

Linna Johansson. Två gånger har hon kommenterat saker jag skrivit. Båda gångerna har hon sågat mig. Känner jag mig kränkt och hatisk? NEJ! Jag gillar henne. Hon skriver så man inte kan låta bli att läsa.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Visste inte att detta var ett riktigt ord

Before stina

Your average blogging latte sipping momma.

After stina

Scary person in elevator. Hair looks much better though.

Dear apa

Don't buy shoes online. They might not fit.

Dear sushi place

This is not how I'd intended to eat your delicious sashimi - in the subway, in a rush. Please speed up your service next time.

New Challenge over at

Mail me to participate (

AH. A day of friends and work.

SO happy to see Malin and Sara.

Catching up with friends

So great to see Sara who I hadn't seen in ages, ages, ages.
She writes, she illustrates, she sings.

Catching up with friends

Hadn't seen Malin in how long? TOO LONG! She's just back from another trip to India with her fam. Malin's a newsreporter. It's always so great to see her, she has the best stories.

If Nicolette Sheridan was 15 years younger and worked in newsreporting in Bombay, this is what she'd might look like. But I dobt she would be this smart, this funny, this lovable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the readers - Jenny in Brooklyn

I often think that Jenny is my New York self. My Brooklyn counterpart. With much better hair and a grasp of history I can only dream of. She also loves to cook, which I someday hope to do, too. 

But this is where we are similar: We both love our respective cities. Love them with a passion that makes us unpaid but extremely dedicated guides. I don't know, but I'm almost sure that Jenny also loves the sight of tourists, lost in their tracks. I hunt them down and help them find the charms of Stockholm. Jenny can help you find anything and everything in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Like me, it seems she can pronounce every word at ease except these three in a sequence: "I don't know." They rarely come out of my mouth. I've never heard her say them either. 

Jenny loves food and books. Cookbooks are a favorite, but she would never limit herself to just one genre, when words come in so many beautiful shapes. She's funny. She's dry. 

Jenny's lawyer husband Mark is a nice hardworking man, lucky enough to share his life and apartment with Jenny and their two lovely offspring: Dinah and Alexei.

Jenny also know Stockholm really well, she has relatives here. I dream of the day she will come visit and we will hunt down tourists together. Perhaps this summer?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear child

Dear child, thanks for giving me a glimpse into what might have been the ultimate form of parent torture back in ancient times. Or is this just a demonstration of medieval court entertainment? The short entertaining with the help of even shorter people and animals?  Are you an incarnation of a roman brute or a medieval jester?

Mer radio

Ylva Mårtens extravaganza här! Lyssna på ALLT!


Det är så mycket i livet som är som den här burken. Köpt för att det skulle uppstå ett trevligt tillfälle, när man plötsligt plockar fram cornichons med stark paprikasås och alla säger "åh vad gott, var har du hittat de här?". Och så kommer det tillfället liksom aldrig riktigt.

Det är lite samma sak med kläderna i min garderob. Jag får visa bildbevis en annan gång.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear readers/camera lovers

Which camera should I buy? Canon power shot G10 or Lumix or something else? I take pictures for joy and work. 

Dear Sara

Dear Sara Miller, how I miss you. I miss you so much it hurts. But I try to find solace in the fact that you seem to thrive in your new home in Brooklyn. And I also find comfort in reading your blog. And checking your pictures. I've known you my whole life, and still didn't know you were such a great photographer. This one is my favorite, of your son wanting to go on the merry-go round, yet too shy/afraid to do so. 

Dear FDA

Dear FDA, would you approve? On the way to daycare, I discovered that Joel had enhanced Niki's bottle with a baby crocodile toy. How thoughtful.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet the readers - Anna Ander

I first met Anna when we were both copywriters at Moonwalk agency. Anna was pregnant then. So pregnant. You'd think that you can only be 100% pregnant or 0%, but Anna was 195% pregnant. She was so pregnant, I don't know where to begin. 

It wasn't just the third trimester thing, it was also some kind of symptom I can't remember the name of. Basically, people who have this symptoms only have one child, because the pregnancy in itself is too much for once pregnancy. It's like 10 pregnancies rolled into one. 

It was a high price to pay for one lovely embrace, but luckily enough it resulted in a magically perfect son - Wille. And then came Blanka. 

Anna is fluent in many languages and funny in every one of them. She is particular about food and clothing and why shouldn't she be? A girl needs to have certain standards. We, the people around her,  appreciate this attitude. 

Anna now works at a different office, together with lovely Maria, who lives on an island. Highly impractical, but picturesque.  Anna and Maria make the great advertising campaigns for Polarn & Pyret. Lena makes sure they deliver. We all love Lena. 

Anna leads an international lifestyle and vacations all over the world. We, the people around her, are jealous. 

Anna also recently bought a house in the south part of Stockholm.  We, the people around her, look forward to being invited for dinner. 

Anna is married to the love of her life, Jesper. They went to the same school. We, the people around her, are sometimes jealous of their relationship and many many shared memories. 

Anna has a beautiful voice that very often breaks into laughter. She has the rare ability to laugh and talk simultaneously. It is very charming. It seems like a voice apt for singing. Strangely, we have not heard Anna sing!

Just when Anna had her kids, her parents decided to move out to the country which was good and bad. Bad because they are now far away, but good because they moved to an incredibly beautiful place called Midsomer. They keep farm animals. 

Anna is a far relation of the last person who was executed in Sweden. That's really not her fault. That they're related I mean, not that they stopped excuting people in Sweden.  (Personally, I am against the death penalty. Especially by way of guillotine, which was used for poor Alfred Ander. )

Anna has great hair and the kind of skin that is often referred to as "peaches and cream". 
I am happy to count her among my friends and proud to have her as a reader. She has a blog of her own, called What would Leo do. It's about what Leo of Westwing, not Leo di Caprio would do. Just so you know. 

Come run with us

It's Sweden vs World over at 
Mail me to participate. You'll need the Nike+ equipment. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet the readers_ tomorrow!


om du älskar radio som jag

Ylva Mårtens gör så bra radio och har gjort en så bra bok. 
Läs mer här, och lyssna:

Dear secret force of the universe

Thank you for showing your sense of humor when deciding how our kids should look, making us one trick pony-parents.

Below, their mother. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear VI Superstore

Your new installation is freaktastic! Of all the things you could have spent money on, this was your choice. I love you.
ps. The bears are as big as me and they sing and dance.

Dear Millesgarden

Thanks for being so understanding. She was so exhausted from screaming at the daycare ladies.

but first - if you like food and history

a reading tip from lotta

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

coming up: meet the readers

a new feature in which I will show you who you are.

More lunch at Moderna

Later, Marylee and Petra arrived. I bonded with Petra over Barbies when we were 13 or maybe 14. I know Marylee through friends. It was a great lunch. Niki was there too, but she was too short to be seen in this pic. 

Dear readers 3

Dear readers, this is Lotta. In a Missoni-inspired little number she sewed herself. She cooks! She sews! She tells hilarious stories. I know her through the internets. 

We had lunch at Moderna Museet. 

Bloggtips på svenska

Vad läser ni?
Jag läser bland annat följande:


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dear child pleaser

My brother armed with the stuff kids like; cookies, milk, a book and a teletubbies dvd. He's not taking chances. He's aiming for success!

The killer here: rain pants that allow kids to jump in puddles! 

The other side

What people don't tell you about 1-year olds: They refuse to realize what's good for them. Instead they insist on doing things their own way. Case in point: Sleeping like this. 

Rubens for babies

Easter stopped by

Just a boy and a horse head