Saturday, December 31, 2011

End the year by running with me

Have updated my playlist again, added seasonal favorites and some other tunes.
And yes, Kelis' Millionaire is supposed to be there 3 times. It's that good to run to.
You might end up running and singing like I often do.

Pick it up here, and if you're in Sweden today, don't forget to put on your woolen butt warmers!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Am I an owl or Elton John?


Year after year


Dear Santa

Know what I was thinking of when I was preparing the tree, wrapping gifts, cleaning, setting everything up for Christmas? "Why am I doing this? The one who'll be getting all the credit in the end is still an old white male. LIKE ALWAYS.". And if I was to say this, say "I made Christmas happen at our house" it would be awful to...THE CHILDREN. Not just mine but the children of the world.

New office:FOUND

Now just need permission to move in there, likely from the prime minister or king or Skansen CEO.

What to do with time off

I've spent HOURS trying to find the picture of my oldest child when she was the same age as my youngest is now, peeking out of this same gnome setup at Skansen. FAILED.
One life to live.

Ps. Gnome. That was the word that solved it. But now that I've found it, see that it was me, not my child, who went all out for gnome appeal.

Dear Kate Spade

At your site, I read "New Year, New Wardrobe", HAHAHAHAHA. I don't think so. Not even New Decade, New Wardrobe.


HAHAHAHA. New Year, New Wardrobe. HAHAHAHAHA.

Ps. I read famous style icon Loulou De La Falaise's (Full name: Louise Vava Lucia Henriette le Bailly de la Falaise) obituary not too long ago. I loved her saying this: "I am the worst sales person in the world. I always end up telling people, 'You don't need anything'".

Just reading that made me want to go to her store.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Protesting against global warming

And the very weak efforts to stop it. Pic from SUPERMILJÖBLOGGEN.

Life lately

This week we....

Bought a Christmas tree.

Were told we were ruining the Christmas spirit because of abysmal size of tree.
Caved in. Next year will buy plastic tree, which weirdly seems like a more environmentally friendly option? Is it? Is it not? Thoughts?
Danced at the local pizzeria, after last day of school. Thank you Spotify, for making us able to host a disco through the phone, anywhere, anytime.
Enjoyed Vanja and Ella's birthday party at the local bathhouse. Here, too, disco.

Found this for all of us middleaged suburban moms who like to run with Snoop

I think this is kind of what I was looking for. Will put together a running list of the suggested tunes and some other songs I've found. Below, a last greeting from this office , am moving out. So next time I blog from the office, it will be from... I don't know yet!

Season's greetings to YOU from ME!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm putting together a running list for the very few days remaining of 2011.

So far, I've only got TWO songs!
Obviously, I need help.

1. CHRISTMAS IN HARLEM. I love this song so much I want to eat it.
Bonus: It helps you remember the names of all Santa's reindeer and really poor yuletide jokes (she say's it's deericious")

Need more tunes like this. Hit me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Önskar jag hade skrivit den här låttexten, men det är Monica

Från Femmes Piccadolls hit "Kättaren".


Monday, December 19, 2011

Have always had the same humor.

Made this poster for our band, Les Femmes Piccadolls, in my teens.

Have always had the same humor.

Made this pic back in 1996.

Christmas came early!

This wonderful book arrived in the mail today! SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! It was really expensive but cheaper than a trip to New York to see the exhibition with the same name at the Morgan and easier than time travel which would have been needed at this point in time, since the exhibition closed in September. What a book. Amazing.

More weekend in pictures

Went to Nationalmuseum, saw this lovely painting of Russian monks befriending a fox. Russian was spoken all around me at the exhibition. The sounds and sights of Russia, in the comfort of my own home town! A cheap way to travel. The painting made me think of the close relationship between man and animals. Also: yogurt.
Went running. Conditions were crap. But in the end the run had the usual effect on me, making me feel...magnificent.

After running for half an hour in December rain, I was so hot I was positively steaming, causing my glasses to mist over. Might have to consider contacts again. How do you solve this problem, bespectacled winter runners?

The weekend in pictures

Found this old pic from my childhood. love it.
Brought out the creche in time for Christmas. Over the years, Jesus' little "bed" has disappeared, so we've made a new one. Think he likes The China Club? Sorry about the arm, baby Jesus!

We've worked out.
Called higher powers.

Considered the fact that during the weeks, I never see my children in daylight.

More on grief

Isn't it ridiculous how grief trumps all other emotions? A friend I miss so much would have turned 39 today. I lit candles this morning, thinking of her and tears welled up, again. In some respect I guess it's nice that the feelings are still in place, not much weakened after so many years.

But at the same time, why shouldn't there be room enough for the other emotions too, like the joy, happiness, giddiness and willingness to tease and mock and laugh that comes with any close friendship?

Instead, just this trumping feeling of sadness, loss and love. Not fair.
I will try to think of you with joy today on your birthday, but fuck, the tears have their own mindset.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Zara

So many of you thought this was a good idea. The model booker, the stylist, the photographer, the model agent, the people at Zara's HQ, the people at Zara's web place and so forth and so on.
Well, you know what?
This end consumer hates you for thinking this is the kind of ideal you think best serves your consumers.
Go ahead, click that image and take a closer look.

A few words on grief

I hate 2011. It's easily been one of the worst years of my life. Reading this blog, you probably couldn't tell this year's been hell as I don't blog grief and sadness. I don't mind people who do, it's just not for me. Last week I was at a dinner party where we talked about 2011 and our hopes for 2012.
I'd barely begun talking about 2011 when I broke down crying like,
like I don't know, I'm trying to remember someone in a film bawling like that. Toni Collette perhaps? Meryl Streep? Julianne Moore?

I lost it. And I carry all that grief around every day, it's not over yet.

The one thing that's really helped with the grief and sadness (besides family and friends) has been going to Pilates. Twice a week. At 8 in the morning. I love it.

I used to think buying things made me happier, but then I noticed that it was the buying, not the owning that seemed to do it for me and how ridiculous is that? Consumerism at its most laughable state. So then proceeded to buy stuff, only to return the items and that worked until...I didn't have the money or credit even to purchase and return stuff.

So these days I just try stuff on now, get my luxury fix, then walk out the store. It's almost the same. Almost. Kid you not. Bonus: You'll never have to beat your self up over wearing this while eating a hotdog, burger, falafel or other food likely to spoil whatever you're wearing.

Dress from ACNE, 2995 SEK. Or zero cost if you simply put it on, take it off and walk away.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fick denna hyllning idag, så härligt. Det hon gillar mest med mig är...MIN HALS. Tar gärna emot fler hyllningar, känner mig öppen för att bli hyllad idag. Om du själv är i behov av hyllning, berätta för mig så kan jag ordna det!

Best listening tip while cleaning or cooking for the holidays

10 years of motherhood

We might have changed our looks, but the love is the same. I remember almost exploding from love and tenderness and worry for my tiny firstborn child (just 2660 g at birth).

Ps. I wore that coat in top pic yesterday! So perhaps haven't changed looks so much, aside from...that look that young skin has, like newly washed linen stretched all tight over a newly made bed. Or who am I kidding, I look different, older, care less than I thought I would.

Videobloggandet fortsätter

Hemma med barn som kräktes igår. Dock ej pga virus visade det sig, utan pga överdos av pepparkakor på Luciafirandet.

Barnet påstår sig dock vara sjukt, i ansiktet, och yrkar på tillkallande av ambulans. Se den rafflande vittnesbörden ovan.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Season's greetings


Very important moment in time! This picture was taken at exactly 14.15 dec 13, 2011. 1112131415. You can tell by all of us making the international sign for watch and time.

More pics

Ha ha, horses!
Ever wonder where all those socks go? Vanja probably has yours too.
We don't let odd socks go to waste!
Summer hunger is demanding!

Don't mess with sleeping toddlers. Might backfire.

Look what I found going through old pics

She came in peace.
Great thing about being gap toothed, carrot doesn't get stuck between teeth.
I know I'm partial and that all children of the world are beautiful but...CAN YOU GET ANY CUTER?
They look like they're somebody else's kids here. Someone in Cali.

Aren't you jealous I get to hang out with this person EVERY DAY????

Living cheap

Today, dressed in Cilla Jackert's old maternity sweater, Levi's CurveId and wonderful socks, gift from Maja, Lisa and Sara when they came for dinner. It said on the tag they were handknit by OLD WOMEN. A quality standard I appreciate.

Monday, December 12, 2011

From us to you.


Putting these two pics here for easy reference next time I'm invited to posh event

yes, am accepting invitations for posh events NOW.
thank you!

also please tell me if you see anything remotely reminiscent of these outfits. I love them. Sexy yet DEMURE.

The last chance of your lifetime

I don't know about you, but the way we write dates here...tomorrow is 11-12-13! That's the last time in our lifetime we'll get to experience such a neat (not saying this like Kevin Costner) row of numbers. Let's enjoy it. Next chance will be the next century and as much as I'll run and eat healthy I think prospects are bleak of reaching 140.

ps. Of course, there is always the Muslim world and the Jewish world and other worlds with other ways of counting time than the potential birth year of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas gift tip of the day for tomorrow

Stylish AND handy when you want to learn braille.

Christmas gift tip of the day

OMHU walking cane. Seriously, who wouldn't want one?

More from the commune

Playing Scrabble with Hanna. Just wish she was here with us. A recurring wish. Everyday wish.

The inspiration

I loved growing up with these 3. Mom, dad, me and Björn in 1973, at the commune.

Today is apparently a "women I love" day

This is Tullia. She has always been a person I've loved. She's one of the women at the commune where I went every summer, growing up.
Tullia - always laughing, smoking, sharp as a whip, mad about food, passionate, well-read, well-traveled, in love with both her family, friends and career. People listen when she speaks.
The commune was/is filled with women like that. The best role models I've ever seen. Complex, interesting women.
I don't care what colors my kids wear, if they do or don't wear pink. I don't care if they play or not play with Barbies. I would like my daycare and school to have more male staff members, but what's really important to me is to fill my children's life with people like Tullia and the others at the commune.

They were architects, doctors, authors, managers, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and one was a seamstress who then became a minister. I grew up believing I could become anything I wanted to. Because people like Tullia made me feel it was true.

The men weren't so bad either.

Fyra år!

Så mycket kärlek på samma dag

GRÖNT bälte!


Ännu en kvinna att älska!