Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Learn something new (yet very old) today

I was looking around for a possible connection between testicles and testament and it was easy to find.

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  1. For Christmas, I bought Robert Crumb's excellent graphic-novel-version of the Genesis for my father. Of course, I had to test-read (test...) it to ensure he doesn't end up enraged/disappointed/confused. Crumb made a point of showing that exact line ("Put, I pray thee, your hand under my thigh, and swear...") as being meant exactly as it is: a thigh. No more, no less. Wise man.
    However, I find the idea of testicle-swearing quite amusing though - transferred to us gals (as if we didn't have to swear now and again!) we should probably start holding each other's chests (??)... What a sign of trust!


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