Monday, December 19, 2011

More weekend in pictures

Went to Nationalmuseum, saw this lovely painting of Russian monks befriending a fox. Russian was spoken all around me at the exhibition. The sounds and sights of Russia, in the comfort of my own home town! A cheap way to travel. The painting made me think of the close relationship between man and animals. Also: yogurt.
Went running. Conditions were crap. But in the end the run had the usual effect on me, making me feel...magnificent.

After running for half an hour in December rain, I was so hot I was positively steaming, causing my glasses to mist over. Might have to consider contacts again. How do you solve this problem, bespectacled winter runners?


  1. Jag sprang samma väg i helgen, galet högvatten, jag har dock hört att Libresse ger dig vingar, kan det stämma? Lina

  2. Säkert! Hade tyvärr ej Libresse, så var tvungen att vända där och springa upp till Torsvik istället.

  3. There are anti-fog (anti-mist) liquids/sprays/etc that are sold to remedy your glasses problem, but I've never been in a common-day situation where I could truly be sure of it working or not. (I had a free sample for my rarely-steamed glasses.) Though, if your glasses get like that everyday, it might be worth a try.

    These days, when my glasses become so obscured, my non-solution is to simply peek over the top of the frames.


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