Friday, December 23, 2011

Life lately

This week we....

Bought a Christmas tree.

Were told we were ruining the Christmas spirit because of abysmal size of tree.
Caved in. Next year will buy plastic tree, which weirdly seems like a more environmentally friendly option? Is it? Is it not? Thoughts?
Danced at the local pizzeria, after last day of school. Thank you Spotify, for making us able to host a disco through the phone, anywhere, anytime.
Enjoyed Vanja and Ella's birthday party at the local bathhouse. Here, too, disco.


  1. Me too! Especially since it was free, from one of those clothes swaps I keep arranging. It even has pockets!

  2. My opinion on plastic is that it is a horrible solution to anything. A real tree can be recycled to make new products or mulched to help grow new trees; circle of life.


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