Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can't make it up

I sometimes think about getting a tattoo.
I want the outlines of a naked, mummified, tattooed man inked on my arm.
But wait, Brad Pitt already has that.

Mystery solved

First didn't understand why my child was walking like this? Was she just trying to look real casual? Walking like a relaxed Huck Finn, resting in the grass, yet walking upright?

No. She was carrying someone else. He ain't heavy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nu blir det lite reklam

Här sitter Niki och lyssnar på sin bästa musik, komponerad av min morbror GENIET KLAS WIDÉN.
Varje år skriver han text och musik till föreställningar som sätts upp i Nacka. Sedan blir det skivor av det hela.
De är så himla bra och nu finns de äntligen på iTunes.
Om du har barn, har varit barn eller känner något barn vill jag gärna tipsa om dessa skivor.
Som alla föräldrar vet så är det sällsynt att man står ut med att lyssna på samma skiva lika många gånger som ens barn vill. Men det går bra med dessa skivor.
Gå in och lyssna här.  För en första lyssning - testa tex låt nummer 2 Godmorron,  från "Sopigt!" och se om du kan låta bli att sjunga "Vi säger godmorron till en sopig dag".

J.Crew, calling all hoarders

No one needs 20 pairs of J Crew flats. Promise. Got to have at least 21 pairs to be a real collector.

Friday, May 25, 2012


because what I really need is a new office chair, food and new paint for the walls at home, I won't be seen in these wonderful marimekko dresses. 
unless you see me here. bonus: what marion would look like in marimekko. 

New office!


No pressure

"Sexy never takes a day off". One more reason not to care about BEING SEXY.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not so sorry

Know how people say "hate to say I told you so". No one hates saying "I told you so". People love saying it. LOVE LOVE LOVE: I can think of few things people enjoy saying more. It's right up there with "you're out", "we're closed", "guess who got a raise today" and "It's Friday".

In my life, these are the things I've noticed people enjoy saying the most. The next time you hear someone say any of these, you can think of me. CAUSE I LOVE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today as I was tucking Joel in, I looked at his face and thought about how weird it is that his future grown up face is already in there, in his DNA, waiting to unfold. Like nature has its plan for him but won't share the blueprints with me, his own mother.

Then thought a dizzying thought - what if we don't really grow up, if time doesn't exist, if cells rather come together than divide. If life is lived backwards but we can only experience it back to forward from this end.

It's not likely, but I'm playing with this thought.

It's a childish thought in the best meaning of childish - letting nothing stop your imagination from doing what it wants to do in your head, setting your mind free from the silly filter.

Days of Yore

Have you seen Days of Yore yet?
I love this project.
The interviews shows such a keen interest in the interviewees and the subjects are always interesting.
You'll like it too.

To give you an idea - here's a very brief excerpt from the most recent interview, with Susan Cheever.

You’ve described writing as being like DNA. What do you mean by that?
It’s like DNA in that it reveals everything about who you are. If you write a paragraph, I can tell everything about you from that paragraph. A sentence even. It’s not that wild. In a sentence, you make a million choices. Every word, how you punctuate it, whether you invert it or not. There are a million choices that go into writing one sentence. Therefore, each sentence is hugely revealing. I don’t think people are aware of that. At Bennington, students write their evaluations of us, and they’re anonymous. What a joke. Who can’t tell who’s writing what? I teach them, for heaven’s sakes. It’s a riot.

The other day

Ran into scriptwriter Cilla Jackert and her ORANGE SHOES.
Passed a store where they had Lotta's book in the window. I recently translated the entire thing. Will let you know when you can cook her delicious food in English too. 
Found a tree ripe with child shaped fruit. 

Soccer mom

Didn't know I liked playing soccer until Joel showed me I do!

Just another day in Stockholm

With purple weirdos climbing on top of each other.

I love this

Slightly vulgar but even more funny and IN YOUR FACE.
Your Swedish is not up to par?

I'll help. 

"Don't miss out!
PERIOD - now half off!"

These stairs lead to...

My new office! So happy.


Sometimes when you take on a new job you don't know what it will result in. Once, in 1999, I landed a wonderful two month job - to travel around South East Asia as an internet reporter. I was to travel with a person I'd never met before and once we were done traveling we were to hand over all the equipment to two other people who would travel around the Middle East.

I ended up marrying and having three kids with the person I handed over the equipment to and the person I travelled with is one of my best friends.

Say yes to new jobs.
Great things might come out of them you could never imagine.

New looks

Post surgery walk

Took Mimmi out to enjoy the summer weather.

These feet were made for walking.
I'll never be a high heeled person. 
Mobility is key key key. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Human Condition

So you know how I always go on and on and on about the greatness of kids. When I was out running the other day, I thought "so we're all dealing/struggling with the fucking human condition. But being with kids kind of soothes it. you have the human condition and you have kids - the human conditioner".

Vanja and I are now watching Gilmore Girls together. And tonight, I'll get to watch Indiana Jones with people who've NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE.

Maybe we'll even eat popcorn. Because, as Niki put it "One only really eats popcorn cause it's nice and smells great".

Travelling at the speed of light

They look like this now:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Can you please explain my dream?

I'm so happy I'm awake. Last night I had a really bad dream. Anders and I had purchased a house so big we kept getting lost just walking around it. It was really ugly and had at least 3 kitchens with too many appliances, for instance, one kitchen alone held three stoves.

The previous owner had left everything inside the house to us, including moth infested closets and wooden panels in every room.

Then the realtor came by and laughed at us: I didn't tell you this, but there was a murder here not too long ago so it's been really hard selling this place. The former owner did the killing. So glad you didn't know, now it's your problem HAHAHA, no one around here would touch this place.


I've thought this for real

At times, my eyes have caught the "parental advisory" tag on record sleeves and I've thought to myself "man, that label runs all the best music."

Being a parent, I advice you to listen only to music marked with this label.

a decade of perfection

You know a song is really really really great when after 10 years you still can't get enough of it.

Do you have one of these at home?

I recommend getting one.


Finally, grilled cheese chips. What took them so long?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vårens kurs på Lidingö

It's a job

För någon är detta ett jobb. En vuxen människa får stå i Bamsedräkt eventuellt utan möjlighet att kunna se ut ur detta svettiga huvud och har som enda arbetsuppgift under en hel dag att lyssna när små barn viskar "honung" i hens öra. VAD ÄR PRESENTEN? VARFÖR MÅSTE MAN VISKA "HONUNG"?


The happiness of finding out that the only one-word anagram one can make out of my name Emi Guner is: (wait for it) MERINGUE!



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SEB - Katastrof-feedern

Är bra på att hitta på/frossa i katastrofscenarios själv. Behöver inte en banks hjälp att hitta på nya sätt som livet kan fucka upp. Gör spisar ofta det? Exploderar?

SEB måste vara så nöjda med denna grej, den har legat på deras site i MÅNADER.
Varje gång jag ska betala räkningar (jämt) ligger den lilla notisen där och tvingar mig att tänka vad jag skulle göra OM SPISEN EXPLODERAR. Jag har ingen aning, ingen strategi. Tror jag kanske skulle ringa någon. Sedan börja städa.

Illustrationen av två sorgsna hundar i väst som sitter på vad som ser ut som ett operationsbord hjälper föga mot känslan av hjälplöshet.

Det är något genialiskt över det hela, kanske är det inte vad det ger sig ut för att vara - en uppmaning att Skaffa Enkla sparkontot - utan något helt annat. Men vad? Är detta samtidskonst? Jag tror att det kan vara så. Allt jag vet är att detta är något som skrämmer, upprör och förbryllar mig.

Easy run

This is what I listen to while trying to get my running back on track. I love every song here

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sure I love Where the wild things are. But I love A hole is to dig and The little bear books just as much. Maurice didn't write them but he infused them with life. I love love love reading them to my kids.

Or to myself.

A word of warning

I recently discovered lots of ridges across my forehead. Deep ones. Like I've said before, I've considered sprouting stuff in these ridges. Or simply cut bangs. As usual, Marion comes along, making the impossible seem possible. That you could get away with short bangs. I'm posting the following pic here to remind myself of the most likely outcome of a too scissor-happy moment:

Biggest proof Beyonce is super-human

She seems to be feeling pretty relaxed, comfortable and happy wearing this outfit.

Social media

The least social thing ever invented.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Working my way back

Lost all stamina during the post-surgery break from running.
Trying to work my way back, honestly it sucks. I just want to quit the entire run, switch to walking, go home, have a beer, read a paper.
Sticking to finish every little 5k run is sheer will power over this tired, lazy body.
But I'm determined. Run with me. Let's get our stamina back in time for summer.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Minimum effort costume party idea

Invited to a costume party but hate dressing out? Get a small costume. If someone nags you, give them your well dressed finger. More ideas here.


Suddenly, my goal in life is to see myself in the shape of an ice cube in drink glasses in super premium travel sections across the globe. Like Richard Branson.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kärleken till Jerry Williams


Global democracy at work

Harvard and MIT to offer free courses online, starting fall 2012.
I love this.
It's the natural continuation of the beauty of public libraries.

Learning accessible to anyone with a computer, time and dedication.

Losing fights

After insisting for an hour that she needed a new dress; Niki got one. I lost out. I was not consistent. Not firm. At least it's a piece of clothing that will surely be used.

ps. Have 4-year old? Don't bring them along while shopping for birthday gifts for their older siblings. Especially is the 4-year olds b-day is in December. Empathy, selfless generosity and patience are not the cardinal virtues of the sub-5 crowd. I knew this, still I did it. Because there was no other solution. Parenting is such a losing game, yet you feel like a winner at least once a day. Not much but enough for me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trying to lower my caffeine intake

Drinking the same amount of cups as before, just using smaller cups.

The compass of love

Love these two so much. My dad, my son. My male North, my South. Where the love came from, where it's getting passed on to. My male West and East are missing from this pic. My brother, my husband. So much love for the females too.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My best picture ever

This picture sums up the unfairness of childhood. To the left, two OLDER SIBLINGS scratch the promising surface of a lottery ticket. To the right, the YOUNGEST sibling is sulking, is so unfair. The surface she got to scratch was the lousiest. Any surface given to her would have been the lousiest. She's sure of it. She's wrong, but no one can convince her otherwise.

Before I had kids, I thought it was SO CRUEL to snap pics at moments like these. That was before I had kids. I repeat before I had kids. Now I just snap. I love this pic. I think it's perhaps the best pic I've ever taken.

Most likely to succeed

Bonfire genius.


One effective way to get in shape is to develop an intense fear of driving and/or motorized vehicles/any vehicle on wheels.

I'm not saying it's smart. I'm not saying it's advisable. What I'm saying is that it's EFFECTIVE.