Monday, May 14, 2012

Can you please explain my dream?

I'm so happy I'm awake. Last night I had a really bad dream. Anders and I had purchased a house so big we kept getting lost just walking around it. It was really ugly and had at least 3 kitchens with too many appliances, for instance, one kitchen alone held three stoves.

The previous owner had left everything inside the house to us, including moth infested closets and wooden panels in every room.

Then the realtor came by and laughed at us: I didn't tell you this, but there was a murder here not too long ago so it's been really hard selling this place. The former owner did the killing. So glad you didn't know, now it's your problem HAHAHA, no one around here would touch this place.



  1. As with all dreams, your subconscious has something it wants to tell you: 1. Too much is going on (proved with too many rooms, to many kitchens etc. 2. You really don't want to leave your house. Even if you sometimes think it is too small for your family, it isn't. 3. A bigger house would kill you.

  2. Don't move house and make sure you protect your winter clothes against moths.

  3. har hört att allt man drömmer representerar en själv = huset är du själv. tolka på!

  4. jag är ett stort, vidrigt hus med ett mordiskt förflutet?

  5. Att du sett för mycket på American Horror Story?

  6. eller: du känner att du har för mycket att fixa med just nu, för många projekt och saker att hålla reda på?
    (ser nu att anonym här ovanför är inne på samma sak)


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