Sunday, March 31, 2013

Startar ny blogg

Vi ska ju flytta till sommaren och har samlat på oss massa saker vi vill bli av med.
Kommer försöka kränga på blocket eller direkt till er.

Kolla här

Thursday, March 28, 2013

To be Swedish means

That you're constantly aware of any sunlight.
If there's sun, a great stress explodes within.
In this land of darkness, you must somehow seize the day.
Preferably by taking a long, long walk.
Or just bask in the sun.

Cause you really don't know when you'll see the sun again.
Sunlight is the most stressful thing for a Swede.
At least to me.

Must go to London

Would love to see this.

Pompeii exhibit opening at BM today.

Until I do, I'll watch this:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You have to take a look at Ali

You'll love this


Congrats Isol

This year's ALMA-winner is ISOL Marisol Misenta.

She seems fantastic.

Never Ending Winter

I threw my winter boots away in Paris (no brattery here, they were worn out) because I'm so done with cold and snow. I wanted to give winter no alternative but to leave. I put my winter coat in the attic.

Winter's here to stay.
Winter says: oh, it's Easter? I'll just stick around for a bit.

Therese rules ok

Har en ny blogg, om mat.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is this all about

“open up the bitch tap and let the water run.” 
This article is so interesting in so many ways, not least because it somehow makes the NYT seem like a junior high school paper where some students are upset by another.

She screams!
She cusses!
It's not nice!

Though I guess it does matter what kind of personality she has if she's running for mayor. But still. Competition must be cheering for this long long article on Quinn's vices.
And who will have to pick up the phone once Quinn has read it all?

broadcast please.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's medieval greeting

Just a monkey following a secret furry knight on a horse, thank you very much.

Ursäkta men



This book is so great. Read it.
This year is a perfect time to read it and think about what happened in Alabama just 50 years ago.

Or just read it and enjoy a book so full of life it's like it's making sounds just laying right there in my bedside table. THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER PAUL CURTIS!

Varannan måndag

När börjar ett äktenskap?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lunch and dinner

Such a great day, first lunch with Rachel and her awesome friend Sarah, then dinner with Natasha. 

Can't think of anything less interesting

Than a man who would actually use this as a pick-up line?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is this the feeling of being French?

I hope so. 

What a Parisian looks like

Apparently, I look exactly like an authentic Parisian, cause I've been stopped 5 times by French people, trying to find this and that. I know I look like I know where I'm going but that's just cause I walk fast. I love walking. I have no sense of direction. I just walk.


So I'm in Paris and yesterday I walked by a Sephora that had this all over the store with a sign saying something like Bonjour Jeunesse! Hello Youth! 


There is no Best before date on women. Or people. The time and money women spend obsessing about skin and looks appalls me. APPALLS ME. 
It's a multi billion dollar industry and we're told it's important all the time. But be strong. 
There are so many other things that are much more interesting. 

Here's a different kind of inspiration: 
Sarah Sheppard. Illustrator. Author.  Genius. And my friend. 

Which of these two images really resonate with you? If grown woman with pacifier, spend some time thinking about the shortness of life.  

Girl Talk

Don't miss!

The comments for Pets were among the best I've ever received. So many great stories. Don't miss out!

Read here!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So, I'm in Paris because I'm working on a book and am terrified and delirious. It's a children's book and I need your help:

Did you nag and nag and nag to get a pet when you were little? Did you get one?
I specifically wonder about all of you who wanted dogs. Did you have to prove you could take care of a dog?

Did you take care of the dog?


Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally a term that sums up my style

Yes! Pizza Chic!

Ecole de Filles

If I was a student at this school, I would so deposer my trotinette, bag, musical instruments,  tennis racket and other diverse objects in the loge. 
Because I would be a French girl in Paris and I would have all these things. 

TP in Paris

No half-assing.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peeing in Paris

 faire pipi {v}

If there are enough places to pee in Paris to fill an entire book, is the book then necessary?

Nevertheless, am filing this into the gift ideas section for those who have everything. 
Peeing is probably a tout petit peu mieux in paris, like everything else. 

Ps. Am in Paris and now conclude that the book should be called Où faire pipi à Paris si vous êtes femme. Here, as everywhere else, anywhere you can unzip seems to be a perfect place to go pour les hommes. 

Is this why I do what I do?

Growing up, my career goals differed. I had dreams of becoming

A gardner (age 4)
Dancer, perhaps (age 5)
A dancing gardner, skipping from flowers to trees with my watering pot. (age 6)

Then: a librarian, an archeologist, a marine archeologist searching for Atlantica, explorer, actress, cake expert  - a pro with my own cake studio.

Writer or copywriter? I don't know if I thought that was even an option.
But I remember finding the pic above as a teen and it always struck a chord.

I wanted to get lost like my parents' friend, tapping away at the typewriter, lost in the importance of what I was writing.

It seemed so appealing to me, to be able to work anywhere and by myself. Engaged in work. I think this picture started my writing life. Or at least the dream of it.

I recently asked the woman in the picture what she was writing, did she do a lot of writing, how did that work out for her?

At first, she didn't understand what I was talking about. Her writing life? No, she was a teacher. "But... I have a picture of you, with a typewriter, outdoors - it looks like early spring or late fall" I replied.

She started to laugh. "Oh yes", she said. "I was translating a book on horse care. It didn't work out that well and after that I never really translated again."

Still, if she hadn't given it a go, would I be writing this? If this picture had never been taken, what picture would I have seen instead?

What made you do what you do, what gave you that first spark?

-e, sitting by my computer inside, with the rain pattering against the windows. There are few things I love better.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Looking for spring.

Life dream

I hope to one day write a book that gives this kind of solace to a kid who's afraid of the dark.

A close look at men's bodies

Where are the legs going and to whom do they belong?

How I'd really like to dress this spring.

Spring light

Spring light always has the same effect on me: It induces a strong urge to buy pastel colored knitwear.
Does this happen to you too?
Think it has to do with spring light being so intense.

Spring light is wonderful and stressful, screaming at you Carpe the fucking diem.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My secret wish

I wish it would turn out that Minecraft and TV are the best things for your kids. Really great things. Healthier than spinach, more empowering than reading soulful books. So they could enjoy it in peace instead of having to endure my storming in every day saying "enough screen time!"

Either that or that my kids would suddenly find the outdoors, drawing and making things themselves more compelling.

Grattis Umeå!

Om du är i UMEÅ (varför? ingen attack - bara nyfikn) kan du se Emma Adbåges fina grejer här.
Emma Adbåge är ett geni. Jag vet det för jag har hennes bok Jag är jag hemma. Du kan kolla hennes blogg tills du har hunnit köpa eller låna den. Den är tänkt att vara för barn 6-9 år men jag som passerat den åldern har också stor behållning av den.

Days of yore may very well be the only thing you need to read about writing

Yet another interesting interview from Days of Yore. 


I'm on a train. It's my favorite kind of transportation. When the kids are grown and don't need me around anymore, I'll buy a year pass and travel all over Sweden all the time instead of having an office. I'll get a pass for Anders too so we can have travel together.

Train travel stays with you. I remember the night train to go ski in the North when I was little, the trains were so beautiful back then, dark shiny mahogany interiors, green enamel, water in glass pitchers, soap that came out of a steel container like a powder.

 I remember taking a night train to Scotland, waking up to tea and coconut cookies with the most breathtaking landscape passing by outside the window. I remember the trains in Vietnam and in India.

I remember the bullet trains in Japan, the TGV to the south of France.
I love these words:

Train a grand vitesse.

I remember the solace of taking the train from London to Stockholm when I didn't dare to fly. I remember taking the train from Paris with nothing but a nectarine to last me all the way to Stockholm because my dream right then was to be skinny instead of happy, thinking, rejoicing and alive.

I remember taking the train through former Yugoslavia right before you couldn't do that anymore. I remember arriving by train to Venice and it was just as wonderful as it sounds. I remember jumping on a train to Budapest and how that city surprised me in so many ways and I still haven't been back. I love them trains, I really do.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blir snurrig men det kan väl aldrig vara fel att ge pengar till läkare utan gränser?

EXEMPEL: Om du ger 200 kr i månaden får du tillbaka 50 kr per månad i skattereduktion – på årsbasis blir det hela 600 kr som du får tillbaka. Läkare utan Gränser får 2400 kronor, du ger 1800 kronor. 

Running - today's before and after

It was ok.
Slow and hard and not very pleasant the first stretch, uphill. 
A little more delightful running home, downhill. 

Have to run more often to get the ease back. 

March 13, train day

I just bought a train ticket for tomorrow.
Then, when I received the confirmation for the tix realized I also took the train exactly one year ago as I  voluntarily had a doctor chunk away pieces of skeleton from my right foot.

Tomorrow there shall be no pain.
And am happy to give you this foot update one year later: The only time I think about my feet now are when I contemplate having surgery on my left foot too.

Sadly, they're too busy at the foot clinic.

Det bästa tipset jag läst i ämnet föräldraskap

(spritt av bla David Sundin och Linda Thomsgård).

– Väldigt mycket har ändrats för mig sedan jag fick barn, de är små fantastiska krafter i sig. Men det kan vara slitsamt och prövande för tålamodet och orken. Barn kan ju fara fram som oväder och välta och hälla ut saker och skapa mycket oreda omkring sig.
– När min dotter var i den fasen hade vi en lek. Den gick ut på att innan man tappade tålamodet så skulle man tänka att hon inte alls är ett litet barn. Istället är hon den välrenommerade, världsberömda narkosläkaren doktor Mandelbaum som är här och bor hos oss. Vi har fått den stora äran att ta hand om henne, hon är absolut bäst i världen på narkos. Men hon är oerhört excentrisk och det måste man ha överseende med. Med de instruktionerna tog vi emot henne. Då kunde man se på all hennes sadism och alla hennes sattyg som något fascinerande. Hon var ju den här oerhört skickliga narkosläkaren som snart skulle till jobbet.
-Martin Luuk
Jag har den stora äran att få presentera Dr Mandelbaum för er. Hon bor hemma hos oss, en stor ära. Ni som ska sövas av henne...är i goda händer. Tror jag. 

On run with E.

Thanks for your replies, might revive it again then. Just not now, too much else right going on right now; two out of three kids sick, deadlines, preparations for the move, etc. But I take it you don't mind running posts so I'll post some here til I decide if there's enough time to relaunch Run with E.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Run with E?

Roligt denna vecka.

Blev diskad från moodboardstävling pga FÖR STARK TEXT?!?!?

Growing up Apple

The pics I find in my computer.



My vision of strength

One trick pony

It's like 25 years between those pics but I keep doing what I do best. Blowing bubbles. Objectifying myself.

Prospective clients; fear not, I usually wear real clothes to the office.

Ps. Please, have heard every single joke about Michael Jacksons monkey.

Tack, Evert!

Har fällt så många tårar över Briggen Blue Bird of Hulls outhärdligt hemska rader "han stod surrad och glömdes ombord". Därför är jag glad över denna bild på Evert, där han ser lite kokobello ut och inspirerar till skratt och glädje!


Skriver rakt ut. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrated international women's day in the best possible way

Was, together with Mia Öhrn and Lotta Lundgren, treated to lunch by the fantastic Rachel Khoo . 
That's us toasting in CHESTNUT CIDER before a luncheon that also included lobster, pâte à choux stuffed with greatness accompanied by delicious white wine and then, for dessert, creme fraiche/coconut ice cream with beautiful orange slices of citrus followed by coffee. 

All in all: incroyable. Merci merci merci Rachel. 

Ps. Will only socialize with cookbook writers from now on. Where they are, there will always be great food. So convenient.

Walking to daycare

Spring is finally here, the sun is so wonderful - thawing our frozen souls. I love how the first flowers of spring are always yellow, they could be no other color.

Walking to Memphis, dagis, daycare this morning, the snow was shining and blinking and dazzling like a gazillion diamonds (or a vegas dancer, take your pick).

"Why can't I catch the sparkle, mom?" Niki asks and the explanation of sun reflections, light prisms and snow crystals is half magic / half unbelievably/tediously/boringly scientific.

I wish I could just tell her "You can, baby. Just go ahead. Catch it all day long."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cost of Parenting

Know how people talk about parenting sometime? The cost of parenting? The cost per child? And how the conclusion they come to is always the same as that of the cost of divorce? That it's worth it, worth every dime.

But if you're a parent and you'd like to make some cuts in cost, let me highlight the most expensive words in child rearing and they're not college funds or competitive skiing or horse back riding or dental care. No. The most expensive words when it comes to kids are...

Collect them all. 


For someone who often just wants to get lunch over and done with, this bento ball thing sounds amazing. I like bento and I like balls (please, calm down). Also like the penny pinching term "everlasting".

Oh, it's for dogs? Never mind.

The copy fills me with such sadness. Why is the dog so bored? Isn't there another, better solution beyond the everlasting chicken flavored bento ball?

Joel's new haircut: Newfound upside

"Mom, now when I want to wiggle my ears, I don't have to lift the hair out of the way to make it show".

United Airlines proves humanity trumps putting money into advertising

Note to self: when naming plays, try not to be too prophetic

From Louisa May Alcott's obituary

Such a productive virus!

From NYT article on curing/treating allergies. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


People incapable of understanding Swedish while able to read English - YOU'RE IN LUCK. Stephan Mendel-Enk's book is now available in engelska, oh sorry, your language. 

Get it here (Kindle) or  - if you're in Sweden (trevligt)- order printed book here

Lägger till i kolla listan


tack för tips pillertriller.

Oh shit

Started browsing old pics why oh why now I hear an inner voice going "just one son is a little...meagre, don't you think?" So looking forward to having grandkids. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Before and after

be still my heart.
(below, a different before of same person)