Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So, I'm in Paris because I'm working on a book and am terrified and delirious. It's a children's book and I need your help:

Did you nag and nag and nag to get a pet when you were little? Did you get one?
I specifically wonder about all of you who wanted dogs. Did you have to prove you could take care of a dog?

Did you take care of the dog?



  1. I wanted a computer, and I took good care of it once I get it.

    However, my little sister wanted a dog. Begged and begged and finally got told that she would get the dog if she saved up the money to get it. She did. And then she didn't take care of it. Kids.

  2. Tjatade om en valp tills jag blev blå i ansiktet (7 år gammal). Fick då ett kolsvart virvelmarsvin :) Inte att förakta, var det bästa jag varit med om.

  3. åh berätta mer om marsvinet! och tack viktor!

  4. När vi åkte hem med marsvinet hade jag henne i mitt knä på en rödkantad kökshandduk och den KÄRLEK jag kände inför henne..! Kände att nu var det jag som hade ansvar för att det här GULLIGA DJURET skulle vara lyckligt. Väl hemma fick hon bo i en bur i köket (min far byggde ett litet hus åt henne att sova i) där hon sedemera lärde sig att pipa varje gång ngn öppnade kylskåpet (gurka!), och sprang en gång och gömde sig under diskmaskinen. (Paniken!)
    När jag lekte med mina vänner, som även de hade marsvin eller kaniner, tog vi oftast med oss smådjuren hem till varandra och lät dem umgås samt tävla mot varandra i alla möjliga typer av märkliga sportgrenar (säkert även en och annan gurkätartävling), minns speciellt hur upprörd någons mamma blev när hon kom hem och hade brödkorgen full av råttor, som hon uttryckte det.
    PS. Min bästa kompis fick en valp, och när vi var ute och gick med den, brukade jag ibland ha med mig marsvinet i en jackficka/liten korg. Djuret levde länge, ända tills jag gick i högstadiet.

  5. we had a dog when i was very little, but not again until i was an adult - yet, wanted one SO BADLY as a child. we were latch-key kids, growing up with a single mum, and thought that a dog would be a constant, furry friend.

    my daughter is growing up with one now, and although she's not his biggest fan, i think (hope!) one day she'll be thrilled to have him around. i am.

  6. We always had pets so I never had to ask for one. I did have to take care of one of our puppies, getting up early while my parents slept! Now, my daughter asks for a pet all the time. We had an old dog who recently died, whom she loved. Now she wants a new pet. We will get one eventually but it's a little too early for the family yet! Good luck with your book!

  7. We desperately wanted pets, but moved around so frequently that our mothers didn't think it would be fair to the animal. Eventually they let us take in a stray cat, but it turned out that my younger brother was violently allergic. So the cat had to go to another home. Then my mom got us a hypo-allergenic poodle type dog, but our lifestyle was too crazy with all the moving and not being home, so he went to a good home as well. Eventually my mom bought a goat farm and we raised different kinds of goats for their milk etc, as well as chickens and some turkeys. We had lots of stray cats and rabbits, so it felt like there were lots of animals around, but my brother wasn't in danger because they didn't come in the house. After a couple of years we sold the farm and went to Australia, living in a farming community where there were shared dogs and cats, as well as lots of chickens and a cow. That was probably the best pet scenario.

    Good luck with your book, and have fun in Paris!

  8. I begged and begged and begged for a dog. In the meantime, I put up posters all over our block, offering to walk and train other people's dogs for free. The posters were very detailed, with lists of the tricks I could teach the dogs – complete with illustrations. A couple of our neighbours did take me up on my offer, to my complete and utter joy.

  9. allison, jag kommer maila dig om detta. fantastiskt.

    la femme, when IS YOUR BOOK COMING OUT?

    kirste and b. THANK YOU!!!

  10. I begged for a dog and one day - aged 9 - I came home with a puppy that my friend's Dad had found abandoned on a building site.

    I wanted a dog like Lassie, but when I met this dog at my friend's house he was chewing a fruit pastille (a very gummy sweet)that one of the kids had given him and it was now stuck in his teeth. He was also bouncy and a bit scary.

    Anyway I took him home with me (actually he towed me along - he was already getting quite big). My Dad was off work because he had a bad back and I remember him laying on the floor while a very excited and boisterous puppy ran up and down him.

    "We are NOT having a dog" he said. I cried but I was secretly relieved because I didn't want this dog.

    Anyway, after I took him back my Mum had said to my Dad, 'They'll put that dog down you know'. And shortly after she collected the puppy we called Patch and bought him home.

    He lived to a grand old age of 18. He slept at the bottom of the bed -and when he got fleas I did too! My Dad recently said, 'I could never have another dog, because he could never compare to Patch'.

    Did I look after him, even though I promised I would? Not exactly...

  11. Jag önskade mig en hund, men fick en get och en vandrande pinne. Geten klarade sig bra själv. Med vandrande pinnen gick det väl så där.

    Tack för en jättehärlig blogg!

  12. Jag lovade min mamma att jag skulle ta ut den hunden varje dag. När jag väl fick hunden, jag = 5,5 år gammal, så höll det en vecka. Jag fick sedan höra varje dag tills jag var 21 år gammal att jag måste ta ut hunden för att jag lovade det när jag var 5,5.

  13. My sister nagged until she got a pet rat, and then named it Fido (classic American dog name). We all had rats because they could live somewhere as small as a hamster cage but were cleaner, smarter and more social.

    Now they are adults and they all have dogs. My rat was much easier to take care of and he had a great personality, but you could never get him to play "fetch" with you.

  14. this is the best reading, ever. thank you!

  15. I really really wanted a hamster, and after months of begging, my dad finally took me to the pet shop to get Richard, the most beautiful hamster in the world.

    Well, that infatuation lasted about two weeks. I slowly started to forget to clean its cage and changing the water.

    Long story horribly short: I found Richard dead one day. So apparently I didn't take very good care of it.

    I can't believe my parents let me have another hamster, William, after I had clearly starved Richard to death. William died too.

    I don't like animals anymore, but thankfully I've managed to keep my daughter alive.

  16. Jag ville länge ha en hund men tjatade inte om det så mycket eftersom jag inte visste om jag ville ta hand om den så mycket. Försökte övertala mina bröder att skaffa en hund istället.
    Vi skaffade aldrig någon hund, men jag och min kusin lånade en kaninunge från en bondgård när vi var små en sommar. Problemet var att den blev alldeles förvildad och var inte alls så gosig som vi hade förväntat oss. Vi lämnade tillbaka den till bondgården när hösten kom och sedan fick vi veta att de åt upp den! Väldigt bisarrt!

  17. Oh how I wanted a dog. Then I wanted a cat, since they seemed more refined. But really, in my heart of hearts, I still wanted a dog. My mom hated animals, but after losing me for a few hours on a playground - and calling the police - her only thought was "she's gone and we never even got her the cat/dog she so desperately wanted!"

    My dad hated cats, so one day soon after my temporary disappearance, we started talking about dogs as a family, went to a shelter, picked out a puppy, and became proud dog owners of Boomer, a german shepard bassett hound mix! It was one of the happiest days of my life, aside from when I got my own dog as a grown-up. My mom got out all kinds of books from the library on how to train dogs - the one i remember specifically was about Monks in germany training German Shepards. She and I went to a dog training class together; we were all responsible for training Boomer.

    It was definitely a joint responsibility, with the parents very involved, but we had dog related chores as well. When he was hit by a car 1.5 years later, we immediately got another dog, and loved her dearly as well.

    PS. I didn't know at the time that my disappearance was the reason for the dog... though if I had known that's what it would have taken, I would have done it a lot sooner than age 11.

  18. Only a litte nagging about pets once in a while. What my sister and I really wanted (but didn't get) was a baby brother. :D

  19. När vi äntligen satt i bilen med den efterlängtade ljusbruna valpen i en pappkartong mellan oss, kom en stark känsla av olust krypande. Vad hade vi gjort egentligen? Vi hade ju faktiskt rövat bort den här valpen från sin mamma, hemska tanke. Bilresan hem på trettio mil gick bra. Valpen verkade må bra och jag och storasyster strök den lite över huvudet och de små silkeslena öronen då och då. Men när vi några timmar senare satt hemma i köket och åt middag hörde vi hur valpen vankade av och an, gnällde och letade efter sin mamma. Jag och storasyster började gråta och frågade pm vi inte kunde lämna tillbaka valpen. Det kunde vi inte. Valpen somnade så småningom med nosen i storasysters träsko. Några dagar senare var den glad och hade glömt bort sin förra familj.

  20. har en venninne som ønsket seg hund, hun var enebarn. De bodde i en blokk så de kunne ikke ha dyr. En dag fikk hun leke med noen valper og hun elsket det, myke og gode som de var. På veien hjem i boblen, gikk det opp for henne og hun gråt og gråt og sa; jeg vet vi ikke kan ha hund i blokka, men det gjør så forferdelig ondt. Hun har hatt kjerlighetssorger hele livet...



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