Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm on a train. It's my favorite kind of transportation. When the kids are grown and don't need me around anymore, I'll buy a year pass and travel all over Sweden all the time instead of having an office. I'll get a pass for Anders too so we can have travel together.

Train travel stays with you. I remember the night train to go ski in the North when I was little, the trains were so beautiful back then, dark shiny mahogany interiors, green enamel, water in glass pitchers, soap that came out of a steel container like a powder.

 I remember taking a night train to Scotland, waking up to tea and coconut cookies with the most breathtaking landscape passing by outside the window. I remember the trains in Vietnam and in India.

I remember the bullet trains in Japan, the TGV to the south of France.
I love these words:

Train a grand vitesse.

I remember the solace of taking the train from London to Stockholm when I didn't dare to fly. I remember taking the train from Paris with nothing but a nectarine to last me all the way to Stockholm because my dream right then was to be skinny instead of happy, thinking, rejoicing and alive.

I remember taking the train through former Yugoslavia right before you couldn't do that anymore. I remember arriving by train to Venice and it was just as wonderful as it sounds. I remember jumping on a train to Budapest and how that city surprised me in so many ways and I still haven't been back. I love them trains, I really do.


  1. I can so relate to this! I love that trains give me the time to adjust and experience a new environment, versus air travel, which drops you into a complete different environment with no time and chance to experience what was in between origin and destination and no time to adjust to the new environment. Thanks for this post!

  2. Your comment about taking the train to Venice really resonated with me. We travelled to Italy last summer and took a day trip to Venice. Stepping out of the station and into that spectacular scenery was almost surreal. It was like something from a movie, though that description doesn't do it justice. So many things about Italy were magical, but that truly took our breath away.


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