Friday, August 22, 2014

I'll be there

If they can make one fire hydrant look like this, why not all of them?

You'll love this

Ulrika Kestere, people.

Here's her blog:

Here are some of her illustrations

She's a great photographer too.

Next on reading list:

The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a culture ruled almost entirely by men, the birth of a son is cause for celebration and the arrival of a daughter is often mourned as misfortune. A bacha posh (literally translated from Dari as “dressed up like a boy”) is a third kind of child – a girl temporarily raised as a boy and presented as such to the outside world. Jenny Nordberg, the reporter who broke the story of this phenomenon for the New York Times, constructs a powerful and moving account of those secretly living on the other side of a deeply segregated society where women have almost no rights and little freedom.

More here:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nu finns min barnbok ute i butik och på nätet


Det står att den är för 6-9åringar men efter noggrant genomförda högläsningar har vi märkt att även yngre barn än så kräver att få höra ännu ett kapitel. 

Den kostar under en hundring om du köper på tex Bokus:

Den gör sig även väldigt bra som accessoar, kolla bara Brita Zackari:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Är det ärftligt? Har alltid hatat den musen också.

Gav min son en Kalle Anka-pocket.

Senare samma kväll sa han: 

"Jag HATAR Musse Pigg. Och serierna med honom är alltid längst!"

historic day

I bought a handbag today.
I'm not a handbag woman.

So we'll see how this goes.
But this one will let me walk at full speed with my hands free even if I'm wearing my favorite pants from which credit cards and bills escape like freedom seeking birds or like crumbs falling all over your clothes each time one tries to enjoy a croissant  - pick your analogy of choice.

Ps. Margo, the pic is for you. The bag is this one. I tried it out while taking a long brisk walk yesterday. It worked perfectly!


When I was little I always thought I'd grow up to be an archeologist digging at sites like this:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lacking the sun/heat appreciation gene

Question from Kirsten

Emi, can you do a photo FAQ? I remember you got a new camera recently...which one, how do you like it, do you take classes or do tutorials? The photo of your son jumping into the water looks very clear in low did you get such a sharp shot? Thanks!

Kirsten! I love my camera. I bought a Fujifilm X-E2. partly because readers recommended it to me here on the blog. I love it cause it's so small and fits well into my hands. One of the Fujifilm's great qualities is its ability to shoot well even in darker conditions. That was important to me since I dislike flash.

I bought the camera house and two lenses that I switch between (one 35 mm lens, one 18 mm). I have fixed lenses, no zooms. Again   - a matter of personal preference.

Most modern camera in that price range are great though. So while the Fujifilm is perfect for me, perhaps another one would be better for you? Ask yourself what your key requirements are. Are you more into nature shots, portraits, action etc. Then go to a great camera store and ask ask ask.

I haven't taken any classes or tutorials yet. But it sounds fun, maybe I should!

If you're unsure of what camera/equipment to get, ask the people at B&H. They're professional and knowledgable and even their chat service is great.

My best photography tip is this: get a camera you'll actually bring with you. The best pics are the ones that are taken.

Another tip: keep taking pics. snap snap snap. Different pics from the same situations tell different stories. Just look at the two ones here: same people, same night, same everything, almost.

Ps. Throw pics away! Trim your digital photo library so you can browse without going nuts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rome - Stockholm - Småland

Last day in Rome, Anders bought Italian shirts. 

Then we took the plane home. I used to hate flying. 
Might never grow to love it (it feels so Icarus-sy) but the world from above -so beautiful.

Right now we're in Småland in Sweden with my brother + fam and my parents. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mail alert

Min vanliga Emi snabela mail funkar inte. Så om det är något maila emilieguner snabela istället

My emi at mail is not working so please mail me at emilieguner at in case you'd like to reach me