Monday, December 10, 2012

Edie Windsor, you're the inspiration

(pic screengrabbed from Edie & Thea)

This woman is on my long list of impressive women. After a life as IBM computer programming pioneer by day and delighted dancer, friend and lover by night, at the age of 83 Edie Windsor is now about to help change the world for the better by suing the government for all the right reasons.

Want to know more about Edie or are you just in the mood to watch a really love filled docu about two seriously inspiring women? Watch Edie & Thea - A very long engagement.  Here's a trailer


  1. i really don't understand why this is so inspiring. my step father's family got screwed more than this for estate taxes. that's just how it works. the inheriting family gets taxed to death whether they are married or not.

  2. I think she's an inspiring woman even if she hadn't sued. Her whole life story is inpiring to me. And did I misunderstand the issue at hand? I thought her deal would have been different if she had been married to a man instead of a woman? That's just unfair and outdated.

    Sorry about your stepdad and his family though. Loss is enough to handle the way it is without the added burden of fiscal woes.

  3. Om jag fattar artikeln rätt, verkar allt ha gått vägen.


  4. Hmm, J. The article definitely makes it clear that she was discriminated against on the basis of their being a lesbian couple. There's nothing wrong - everything right! - with expecting people to pay taxes on inherited wealth, given that it's basically a windfall, for which you haven't worked. But to make her pay more because she had a wife not a husband? Not cool. I'm with Emi here. Would love to watch the whole doc.

  5. I'm afraid I haven't read the background about the legal stuff, just watched the trailer and saw 2 people so in love after so long. Lovely - thank you Emi for sharing.


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