Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas wishes.

Summing up my personal wishes:

  1. Things that can be consumed, like food and wine. 
  2. The return of a fave black cardi, likely lost on a train. 
  3. New running shoes. 
As we might be moving this year, will try to stick to this list even for future purchases. Will only buy things I'd want to buy straight over again if I lost them. How many of the things you own would spur that impulse in you? 

Put into percentage?

It's kind of low, isn't it? Perhaps historians will look back at our time and conclude "For whatever reason, 21st century Swedes and members of other states surrounded themselves with stuff they barely liked and rarely used."

That said, I love my books and many of the pieces of clothing I've bought over the years. I love love love the books. I feel like they're an extension of my mind, which I guess could be seen as a cerebral colonization of other people's written work. Once read, the books become part of our territory and the lines between the you that was before you read and the one you're after is forever blurred.

Which makes me wonder: what are you currently reading?
I'm "reading" Grace by Grace Coddington (so far mostly looking at the pictures), The ravishing of Lol Stein by Marguerite Duras (not really into it) and A girl from yamhill by Beverly Cleary (enjoying it).