Monday, March 4, 2013

Not just missing leaves these days

Anders is in NYC, so am currently missing him too.

Yesterday, when Vanja had just lost her cell phone and Joel had misplaced his jacket and Niki screamed she hated me and would rather hang out with a turd than with me (verbatim) and all three kids had to go to different places and I broke two glasses into the dishwasher and the sun was shining and our home looked so messy it might be deemed unfit for children...I really missed Anders.

But then, once I'd cleaned out the dishwasher and vacuumed the glass from the floor and the two oldest kids had arrived at their respective destinations with the help of wonderful people, phone and jacket turned up, Niki suggested we'd go to the gym and I ran my 5K while she watched Toy Story 3 and then we took a sauna together as if we were real Finns and Niki said nice things that really made up for the turd comment and then the other kids joined us for dinner at my parents house and...then it was ok again.

But. Single parents of the world, I SALUTE YOU!