Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sometimes when you take on a new job you don't know what it will result in. Once, in 1999, I landed a wonderful two month job - to travel around South East Asia as an internet reporter. I was to travel with a person I'd never met before and once we were done traveling we were to hand over all the equipment to two other people who would travel around the Middle East.

I ended up marrying and having three kids with the person I handed over the equipment to and the person I travelled with is one of my best friends.

Say yes to new jobs.
Great things might come out of them you could never imagine.

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  1. That is AWESOME. The story should be made into a movie.

    I did my law court internship in a remote and rural part of the country and met my now husband (with whom I now have the tanrtum-first-thing-in-morning toddler). He still teases me because I first went out for an evening in the village with the other intern...


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