Monday, May 21, 2012

The Human Condition

So you know how I always go on and on and on about the greatness of kids. When I was out running the other day, I thought "so we're all dealing/struggling with the fucking human condition. But being with kids kind of soothes it. you have the human condition and you have kids - the human conditioner".

Vanja and I are now watching Gilmore Girls together. And tonight, I'll get to watch Indiana Jones with people who've NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE.

Maybe we'll even eat popcorn. Because, as Niki put it "One only really eats popcorn cause it's nice and smells great".


  1. It always sounds so easy at your end. Out 2-year-old threw a massive tantrum at 4.45 a.m. this morning. What conditioner do you recommend?

  2. Ha ha,no, so not easy all the time.
    Remember this?
    For me, being a parent is a constant struggle but also a constant reward and a constant perception of being marinated in love.

    Niki, 4,5 screamed at me in her sleep the other night, kicked me hard and repeatedly and then ordered me to LEAVE AND COME BACK!!!!

    so I did, at 3 am in the morning. I left the room, stood in the hallway for a minute or two before I went back in.

    the kids are so small, their worlds so enormous and tiny at the same time.

    I try to remember to be some kind of safe port in a windy storm but am not always successful.

    one of the hardest things about kids is to remember that they are just that - kids.
    they don't see the absurdity of a 4.45 tantrum. they don't have a concept of time, what so ever.

    but to get to be there as they figure out how world, friends, time and everything else works - it's such a privilege. that makes you go nuts at time but more often have me laughing more and louder than I do with many other people.

  3. I re-read your post you linked to and it made me chuckle. Thank you.

    I try to be understanding, of course, she's only two - it's just so much harder before 5 a.m. ;-)

  4. i feel the same way when dinah reads books i loved, and then loves them herself. right now: the egypt game.


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