Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today is apparently a "women I love" day

This is Tullia. She has always been a person I've loved. She's one of the women at the commune where I went every summer, growing up.
Tullia - always laughing, smoking, sharp as a whip, mad about food, passionate, well-read, well-traveled, in love with both her family, friends and career. People listen when she speaks.
The commune was/is filled with women like that. The best role models I've ever seen. Complex, interesting women.
I don't care what colors my kids wear, if they do or don't wear pink. I don't care if they play or not play with Barbies. I would like my daycare and school to have more male staff members, but what's really important to me is to fill my children's life with people like Tullia and the others at the commune.

They were architects, doctors, authors, managers, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and one was a seamstress who then became a minister. I grew up believing I could become anything I wanted to. Because people like Tullia made me feel it was true.

The men weren't so bad either.