Sunday, April 7, 2013

Once upon a time, in Sicily

Anders just took off for New York again. Stumbled across this old pic from 2000. We were in Sicily, had only known each other for half a year so did we really know each other at all? Did I know he'd turn into a long distance running international business man? Did I know he would make up his own songs on the guitar and sing them to our kids? Did I know he'd be the one to make sure our kids nails were kept in great condition? Did he know I'd leave my stuff all over the place?  Or that he'd love my spinach soup so much he'd want to eat it at least once a week, some weeks even more often?

Did we know we'd try life together in Stockholm, India, London, New York?
What did we know exactly?

I just remember thinking I got electric shocks just touching his hand and that I really liked his taste in music.

Sometimes it goes a long way.