Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Word of Mouth

Back in '95, when internet was just a wee tyke, some people thought the future was more likely to be found in floppy disks and/or CD-ROMS. I kid you not.

Craig Kanarick was not one of those people. I met him in Cannes at a MULTIMEDIA FAIR (so cheesy, this concept) a long long time ago.

He then went on to marry Rebecca (full name: Rebecca improver-of-young-girls'-and-women's-self-esteem Odes)  and have two awesome kids. Now that we've moved our family to New York, their family has been part of the welcoming committee that has made our transition here more joyful than we could have dreamed of. 

Craig dresses in full on color that makes you happy just looking at him. He's now involved in the one thing many internet vets have always dreamed of: A BETTER FOOD INDUSTRY (lex Heidi Swanson).

I'm writing all this so you don't miss out on the piece on Craig and Mouth in NYT.