Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Question from Kirsten

Emi, can you do a photo FAQ? I remember you got a new camera recently...which one, how do you like it, do you take classes or do tutorials? The photo of your son jumping into the water looks very clear in low light...how did you get such a sharp shot? Thanks!

Kirsten! I love my camera. I bought a Fujifilm X-E2. partly because readers recommended it to me here on the blog. I love it cause it's so small and fits well into my hands. One of the Fujifilm's great qualities is its ability to shoot well even in darker conditions. That was important to me since I dislike flash.

I bought the camera house and two lenses that I switch between (one 35 mm lens, one 18 mm). I have fixed lenses, no zooms. Again   - a matter of personal preference.

Most modern camera in that price range are great though. So while the Fujifilm is perfect for me, perhaps another one would be better for you? Ask yourself what your key requirements are. Are you more into nature shots, portraits, action etc. Then go to a great camera store and ask ask ask.

I haven't taken any classes or tutorials yet. But it sounds fun, maybe I should!

If you're unsure of what camera/equipment to get, ask the people at B&H. They're professional and knowledgable and even their chat service is great.

My best photography tip is this: get a camera you'll actually bring with you. The best pics are the ones that are taken.

Another tip: keep taking pics. snap snap snap. Different pics from the same situations tell different stories. Just look at the two ones here: same people, same night, same everything, almost.

Ps. Throw pics away! Trim your digital photo library so you can browse without going nuts.