Friday, October 24, 2014

Materialistic wishes

1. More sweaters. I'd like to roam the streets all sparkly. 

2. Coats. 1 rainproof coat for walking across the bridge in heavy downpour like I did two days ago. I arrived happy but soaked and cold. A better coat would solve that. Any of you try this?

Also: Need a great regular coat. Here's one of the best coats I've had, sadly I wore it to pieces.

Also LOVE my red coat that I appropriated from my mamacita. Wore it to my wedding. Oh how handsome is Anders here? 

What coats are you wearing this upcoming cold season? Or, if you're in different parts of the world like Australia - what did you wear?

3. Boots. Eternal quest, like coat quest. 

4. Pants. These are topping my wishlish. I have them in the shorter version, live in them. Best pants ever. Try for yourself. 

And a blouse or two. Then I'm set. Really set.