Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First booktour ever

While in Sweden, went to the city of Karlstad where 1100 kids 
between 5 and 8 are working with my book in school!

I got to meet librarians, teachers and some of the kids. 
Was among the most fun things I've ever done. 

The kids asked me a gazillion questions - did I know Henrik Lundquist as we both live in New York, how come I'm a grown-up and know about Minecraft, can I do any kind of flips, what's my favorite food and colors etc. 

Then they told me I should try to learn a new way of writing my autograph cause my current one wasn't all that great. I see their point. We all agreed my autograph looks a bit like two random pieces of string. I'll post a pic here later and you'll see too.

The book is about a boy who really wants a pet but his parents say no so he decides to get a carnivorous plant instead. And then he gets to borrow a hamster and trouble ensues.

One kid who read it said she also had a carnivorous plant once, but sadly she fed it crackers so it died.
So much fun writing for kids. Working on finishing touches on my next book now. 
And starting book three. It's happening.