Friday, May 1, 2015

Vodka, ferris wheels and childrens' books

I rarely talk about work here. But I LOVE MY JOB.

I thought I'd be a graphic designer. Turned out that wasn't really my thing at all. Though very interested in design, I'd much rather write. So I became a copywriter, writer and translator instead.

My words have been printed on hundreds of thousands of vodka bottles. No one tells you in elementary school, that spelling might one day be important because of vodka. Vodka and spelling are rarely mentioned together in a positive way. I feel perhaps I can make a difference here!

And every day, people who use the WiFi at Starbucks are questioned in important little polls.

(The statement preceding these results was "I love ferris wheels" / "I love ferries"):

I LOVE copywriting, so much fun, but am also fulfilling a lifelong dream of writing childrens' books. So happy this will be out in Sweden this August. It has the best pics by Loka Kanarp.

Nina och snöleoparden (inbunden)

So childrens' books, ferris wheel polls and vodka. That's how I make a living. How about you?

ps. So next time you're in a starbucks and enjoy the free wifi - take the daily poll. You know who's really asking you!


  1. Fascinating! I don't really care for vodka but the Absolut bottles are the coolest! And well done for the book!

    I'm a lawyer by training but work for the stock exchange now. I love my job, too! The environment keeps changing. Just today we had a call discussing whether and how Greece going bankrupt (let's hope not) could possibly affect us. Only a couple of years ago, the conversation would have been unconceivable.

    1. so interesting. wish I could swap lives so often, just to see what it's like for other people to live in this day and age


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