Thursday, May 28, 2015

Was it paradise? An intimate look into my marriage

Last night, Anders came back from a stay in Puerto Rico where he'd been staying at a beach so desolate that the most exciting event that happened during his entire weeklong stay there was that one day, a man shook down a coconut from a tree, split it in half, gave it to Anders and walked away.

Anders feet are now speckled with sea urchin spines.  I help extract them. I love removing splinters.

Anyways, to celebrate Anders return and my mother's, brother's and niece's visit we went out for dinner. It was all so good.

Sadly, afterwards we couldn't sleep at all. Stayed wide awake til 3 o'clock. To pass the time (and perhaps to get drowsy from the monotonous soothing sound of my voice) Anders asked me to tell him about life when he'd been away.

So I told him the truth - how my brother, Niki,  Rut and I had gone to Central Park where a big boat sailed on the little lake with a big brass band playing on it. How the temperature was so perfectly pleasingly warm and friendly and how we saw young women in what looked like colorful ballgowns line up for ice cream. Turned out the ice cream was free and made in an ice cream stand completely powered by solar energy. Then the kids ran around happily, barefoot.

It was very unreal and ideal. It might have been paradise. Had there been lots of books and a lap pool too it would have been my kind of paradise.