Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When I was the age my oldest daughter is now

I remember the feeling of these clothes so well. I think this was also the year i had a swatch with a wristband that smelled of fruit. Remember those?

Those jeans with with flowers - bought them in Italy on a trip to lake Garda with my mom, we took the bus from Garda to Florence and Venice. Those jeans were so hot back then, jeans with print, how fashionable and new! 

I also remember mom and me in Venice with men whistling at us and both of us thinking their attention was intended for us, not the other. 

Mom was not even 40 then. 
And yes, I still remember those clothes so well, how that blue sweater with penguin sleeves (so fashionable and new!) kept falling off my shoulder.

I didn't wear a bra for years - too embarrassed of my new body's desire to grow old before my mind was ready for it.