Friday, January 15, 2016

Greetings from Stockholm

Where it is currently 10 degrees Fahrenheit (iphone tells me it feels like 1 degree). 
I'm cold inside out, outside in. Planning my move, the purchase of even warmer winter clothes for Niki and looking forward to meeting up with my friend Lena. 


  1. boy you picked a good winter to move back to stockholm and leave a balmy new york.

  2. It's cold here, too. I put on a skirt this morning which wasn't smart. I then remembered that it would be freezing all day but decided against changing because I feared the frazzled feeling that comes with a last minute outfit change on Monday morning. I arrived at work calm and serene (hm) but cold.

    I'm sending you warmth and love.

    1. so was it a favorite skirt? tell me about this skirt. I keep buying skirts but then refrain from wearing them because most of the require heels and I need to be able to move freely


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