Wednesday, December 21, 2016


So 2016 is almost over and I'm coming out of it feeling like this pic above. 
It's been a very shitty year both for me personally and, it seems, for the world in general. 

I could list the bad stuff but you already know it and probably have your own shit to deal with so I'm not going to. 

I'll list the good:

Lived for 6 months with Niki in a 1 bedroom apartment in Stockholm and it wasn't just sad and lonely and horrible to be away from older kids and husband (but yes, it was that too), it was also plain necessary for me to grieve my dad in my hometown.

Peaceful people put DAPL to a halt despite being attacked in numerous vicious and unnecessarily brutal and violent ways. 

We went to Italy -Tuscany, Florence, Rome and I always love it there. 

I went to Paris with Sarah, Niki and Simon

I stayed mostly healthy except when I couldn't walk straight and had to have my brain scanned. Though on the bonus side: got brain scan off the bucket list!

I discovered I really hate working out on treadmill but find it completely ok to run while watching tv-series. I thank 1 Mississipi, Better Things, Bleak House, Dr Thorne and Transparent for getting me in better shape than before. 

We sold our house in Sweden. 

I took a lot of pictures and found true love in taking pictures. I really really love snapping pics. 

I signed contracts for more books to be published in the next few years.

I contributed to great new kids mag Koko.

Every dinner with friends. 

Every walk in the park. 

Every school visit

Every time I looked at the kids while they were sleeping.

Also - crowning moment of 2016 - finally biked out to IKEA and bought some bedside lamps.