Friday, January 6, 2017

Jan 6th so far

Woke up, made lunch for Joel, saw him off. Saw Anders take ferry to work.

Saw Vanja finish her application for a youth program at the Whitney. 

Took Niki to school, met Ella on the shuttle, wearing her panda hat with matching gloves. 

Dropped Niki off, saw a T-Rex singing in a window. 

Have walked past Veselka a thousand times. Decided to try it. 
It was ok. Liked the place and the staff, though.

Went to the writers room and worked for hours, had lunch as so often from Sweetgreen. Heard about horrible Fort Lauderdale shootings. 
Contemplated future and as always, feeling uneasy about the president to come. 
 About to walk home over bridge soon. Going out tonight, if only for a little while.