Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Pantsuit lovers, part 2

No one tells you this, so I have to. Once you try the pantsuit on, there's no going back.
It's the only thing I reach for when I'm getting dressed!

You've been warned.


  1. As a somewhat overweight man in his early 50's I appreciate this warning from the end consumer.

  2. Emi...
    I got one!! Not in the Filippa K store, but similarly cut and less expensive - I think you started a trend already because there's women on the street wearing them now and I'm one of them. Thanks for inspirational ideas for leg-freedom and comfort in summer! ;)

  3. As a pantsuit lover myself, I feel the need to warn everyone who recently started wearing this awesomeness of a garnment.

    Do not go into the ladiesroom with a friend. Go to the ladiesroom well in advance. And do not wear a pantsuit when you're in a place where there only are "bajamajor".

  4. Visst det är säkert jätteskönt men jag kan garantera dig att jag defintivt inte skulle se lika fucking fab ut i byxdress som du gör. Håller fast vid tunika och leggins


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