Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you take even more pics?

Frida, Måns, dad, the other Björn.

Anders' dad, beloved grandpa Sven, Anna, Björn and Boris.

Anders mom, beloved grandma Mona and my mom.

My brother spent the night before the wedding preparing this sublime rhubarb pannacotta/almond cake.
Kissing while holding knives.

Cutting the cake.
Then we ate it and left the party.
Such a great day.
Tack alla!


  1. Are you in Berlin now?

  2. No, at home, like usual. Berlin this weekend. Have you posted pics from the bar mitzvah anywhere?

  3. I've only just read through all my blogs (I've been away for a while) so I am totally late in saying this, but... Congratulations on your wedding! The photos are lovely, and that pavlova/cake looks delicious!!!

  4. Not yet. Gathering them up first.

  5. This is fabulous! Congratulations!


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