Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Swedish light

Thanks for staying up late, allowing for a game of night soccer at 11 pm.
Ps. all you people who see this and think it's fantastic -there's a payback, come see us at 4 pm


  1. Just catching up and wanted to say many happy congratulations on your wedding day!
    Now get back to running. :)

  2. Har haft min ensammaste albeit lönsammaste dag på kontoret någonsin. Du är saknad!

  3. I've always been fascinated by midsummer light and horrified by winter darkness, even if I love northern countries I do love light much more and I couldn't stand dark winter nights....but I envy midnight sun.

  4. I imagine it's pretty hard to get the kids to bed when it's sunny at 11pm though! The old: "you see, the sun's so tired he went to sleep too! shouldn't you follow him?" just won't work up north ;) Do they ever argue with the sun's hours?


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