Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Chanel, thanks for helping our marriage work though I can barely afford you

We got married on the cheap. I wore a dress bought 10 years ago in a vintage shop. I put on my make-up by myself in the car. The groom wore his favorite old suit. We didn't buy rings, instead used my ear rings. The girls got new dresses while Joel wore his favorite t-shirt from H&M. As for dinner, we dined at home with our families.

We intend to have a big party, later on. But there was one thing I spent money on. Lotion. Remembering Anders previous reactions to my dry skin I thought I should splurge and get him the soft skinned wife he deserves. I bought a deluxe Chanel body lotion. I used it once, then forgot all about it. But now, having returned from vacation, I've used it many days in a row. The effect is astonishing. Yes, my skin is softer, but the biggest change is with Anders.

A: Your skin is so soft it's unbelievable! It's such a change! It's like...imagine you're a woman who've lived a decade with a heavily bearded man who shaves off his beard to reveal the softest skin! That's how big of a difference this is!!!

Me: Yeah, but it's really expensive.

Anders: Still cheaper than couple's therapy!


  1. I'm sorry to post this comment in your blog Emi, but I something terrible happened to me and I don't have the courage to talk to any friend that knows me personally. So, since I like very much your blog, I'll just pretend you're a good friend. -- A few days ago I lost my love. It was sudden and I'm not coping at all with it. I feel lost like everybody feels lost when love is lost, I guess. And I really need to let everything go. I'm not the social type so I guess I'll just drink untill I feel worst. The reality is, I don't know what to do... And I guess I'll better stop because I just don't know what to say. Anyway, reading this post made me smile, like your blog does so many times. Thanks for listening

  2. That's a tough one, Anonymous... but you should try and find the courage to talk to some of your good friends. Maybe seeing them would help you feel better, because then you realize that the world is keeping on turning no matter what.
    Easier said than done, I know, but chewing on your problems alone can make you even more sad and make you lose the perspective on life going on around you.

    As to Emi's post:
    If you ever find a lotion to help couples combine their daily rhythms (like, feeling awake at the same time and getting tired at the same time) pleeeease let me know ;)

  3. anonymous, feel free to share your heartbreak here or mail me at

    Jane, I'll keep looking for such a lotion!

  4. dear anonymous, i too use emi's blog to cheer myself up. she writes so charmingly and wittily, her advice is always sound, and of course her kids and husband are super-cute. you'll feel better after time passes! heartbreak sucks but jane is right, hanging out with friends helps because it really does help you feel life moving on and the pain will subside. why don't you buy some chanel beauty products on emi's recommendation? don't drink too much! you can post on my blog anytime as well!
    best of luck. and thanks emi!


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