Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Chanel, thanks for helping our marriage work though I can barely afford you

We got married on the cheap. I wore a dress bought 10 years ago in a vintage shop. I put on my make-up by myself in the car. The groom wore his favorite old suit. We didn't buy rings, instead used my ear rings. The girls got new dresses while Joel wore his favorite t-shirt from H&M. As for dinner, we dined at home with our families.

We intend to have a big party, later on. But there was one thing I spent money on. Lotion. Remembering Anders previous reactions to my dry skin I thought I should splurge and get him the soft skinned wife he deserves. I bought a deluxe Chanel body lotion. I used it once, then forgot all about it. But now, having returned from vacation, I've used it many days in a row. The effect is astonishing. Yes, my skin is softer, but the biggest change is with Anders.

A: Your skin is so soft it's unbelievable! It's such a change! It's like...imagine you're a woman who've lived a decade with a heavily bearded man who shaves off his beard to reveal the softest skin! That's how big of a difference this is!!!

Me: Yeah, but it's really expensive.

Anders: Still cheaper than couple's therapy!