Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear fellow humans - to tattoo or not tattoo?

Today I told my friend Lotta about my thoughts on tattoos:

Me: I was thinking that perhaps the only tattoos I might get would be seams on the back of my legs, you know like 40's pantyhose.

Lotta: Don't do it! If you're gonna go for it, at least don't do a humorous tattoo.

Me: You might be right.

Lotta: You know I'm right. Also, you have to consider how small and exclusive our group of non-tattooed people has become.

ps. Not that her thoughts stopped me. Now thinking of getting fishnet tattoos instead. ALL OVER LEGS!


  1. On a whim - ie exactly when you're not supposed to do this - I got a tattoo during my semester abroad in Spain. It involved skipping class, going into a basement, and sitting on an old desk with my pants half off.

    The good: It's on my lower back (a tramp stamp, if you will), so I can't see it. And it's a small innocuous design.

    The bad: It's there.

    My thoughts? Don't get a tattoo unless you've thought long and hard. And it means something.

  2. You only get one life - do it.

  3. Am firmly somewhere between Lotta and Enna. Non-tattooed people are a rarity now, BUT it's one of those things I'd like to try before I die. But I won't tell anybody, and one day, it will just be there, and it will look like it was always there. Like it was meant to be there.

  4. i heard on npr (discussion of the stieg larsson dragon-tattoo books) that swedes are really into tattoos right now. true ?
    get a tramp stamp!

  5. Find one of your amazing friends to design it for you. Then it will be a unique and personal piece of art.

  6. not tattoo. If you want to decorate your body, use a temporary one. Think about your favourite ever tshirt you had as a child. You loved it, you would always wear it, you couldn't imagine life without it. A few years later you look at this and think, mmm why did i love that so much?

  7. I have a tattoo I did many years ago, in the '90, afew days afeter my graduation. It's on my right shoulder, a sketch representing good and bad in form of Medusa and the sun made by Le Corbusier (who was a good painter not only an architect).
    I like it, it's in a position I don't see it every day and it's on display only in summer and only at the beach or if I wear sleaveless shirts.
    I have a friend whose parents were strongly against tattoo and, when she was very young, she had a small tattoo done on a ankle, representing a butterfly. It was amazing but they didn't see it, they noticed it only years later!
    This is to say that a tattoo doesn't need to be something to show around, it's a sort of personal satisfaction you can share or not.

  8. I can't help but think there's a more reasonable option to pantyhose tattoos... such as actual pantyhose!

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  10. thank you for all your good replies. anders is saying we should tattoo wedding bands, which might be a good idea since I'll lose any other kind of ring.

  11. also tove, why not? I love having pierced ears.

  12. If you do do the wedding bands, don't do them in too dark a color. White perhaps? Then only you two will know they are there.

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