Friday, February 22, 2013

It's official

It's official that as of right now, every single appropriate word has been used to name fragrances so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that parfumeurs are now working with what's left, including weirdly inappropriate tributes like "Insomnia Woman". What's that smell? Oh, it's Insomnia Woman - Anxiety ridden, slightly sweaty, exhausted.

I showed this to a friend who thought it was wine -  a bag-in-box for sleep deprived women of the world. I thought it a most excellent idea and give it away for free here - wine makers take note if you want to make a fortune.

As for fragrance makers - here's a few more names I'm sure haven't been used for fragrances yet:

Incontinent Woman. 

Impatient Woman. 

Impolite Woman. 

You're welcome!