Monday, February 25, 2013

WTF OHIO?!?!?!

Spent 3 years in the heart of it all and not once, not ONCE did anyone invite me to their favorite barn where we could dance in the mud. Not even to their least favorite barn or any barn at all. (Though I did meet a charming Miss Pork , she was from Lima, OH. Was also told of Bring your tractors to school day by members of Future farmers of America)

So disappointed. Nelly, what's your secret? 
"Nothing unusual all about it"
You mean this happens to you all the time?
So jealous now. 
Hand in hand and arm in arm
Take me to your favorite barn
We can dance in the mud
It's slippery, show me all you buckery
Let's dance in the rain, keep dancing
Nothing unusual all about it
You're just a regular guy, and there's no way around it
If, if, if you walk with me then we can talk about it
If you could walk and talk then we'll see what we do about it