Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spare me, Estée Lauder

The Lauder corporation launches their first scent in 10 years and they go with
"Modern Muse  - be an inspiration".

The concept of woman as muse is thankfully passé, dating back to a period in time when women were not considered to be on par with male artists and instead should be happy to just aid creative (and many not so creative) men's dreams and imagination.

Estée, please.
Name your scented water Estée instead, after a woman who was really in charge and an inspiration as such.

No thanks.

It upsets me that you use millions of your advertising dollars and the talents of many many people to encourage me and women around me to settle for being the inspiration.
That's settling for too little.

Let us all aim for being the creatives instead. Even if what you're trying to sell us is just a fragrance. You're playing with our emotions and aspirations. You could do so much better. Try harder.

I imagine you had many, many meetings that led up to this name and tagline.
It scares me that you all thought this was the best possible idea.

Ps. I don't care that you used a model who's last name is Muse. Does not change one thing.