Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday in Brooklyn

Took the bus to Prospect Park. 

Was kind of a long bus ride. 

That shirt Vanja is wearing...I bought it in 05 or 06. 
For myself. It's happening now - she's really wearing my clothes. 

Swedish (perhaps all European?) blueberries are a bluish red on the inside, not white-ish green as here in the States. Every swede ever born has taken pic of him or her self with their tongues out like vampires. It's an ancient, respected tradition. In lieu of such berries ( I wrote lieu, I did it, it feels stupid but there, I tried it once) Niki's doing the tongue pic with the help of an artificially cherry flavored ice cream.

This is not a very good picture. But it's here because see this lady top right corner? We sat so close to her that we could smell all her super delicious barbecue dishes. She had two sun chairs out, a grill, a cooler, and lots of dishes. She cooked and cooked and no-one showed up for her amazing meal. Every now and then she read a little in a big fat study book. 

After watching her cook for hours and a bit dizzy from the insanely appetizing aromas in the air thanks to this woman, I had to walk over to her and ask if she wanted me to watch her stuff if she needed to run some errands or LOOK FOR THE SPOILED PEOPLE WHO FAILED TO SHOW UP TO HER SUPER BARBECUE.

She just laughed and said "No no, I come her to do all my week's cooking on Sundays. It's much nicer to cook out here than to cook inside my hot apartment. Plus I can study in between. My mother always says she'll come to help me and she's here alright, somewhere but she never does help me with the cooking". 

That woman, so impressive. That she also managed to study while barbecuing all those dishes - amazing.

In any Brooklyn Park: Yoga Show-Offs. 
I call them this until I learn how to do what they're doing here and by then I will call them my BFF:s.

Barefoot in the park. With a ball. All good. 

I tried to tell her wet wipes don't make great shoes but who listens to a mom?