Tuesday, November 25, 2014

dollars and phones

Today, I was sitting on the platform waiting for my train. A lady with a brown bag with white dots was sitting next to me. I took a note of her bag cause it reminded me of one of Julia Roberts dresses in Pretty Woman.

I didn't really look at the woman, (I was reading my book - Ramona the brave).
I just suddenly noticed that she must have left - before any train had come. And where she had been sitting was a small roll of dollars - maybe 3 or 4 bucks.

So I picked them up and ran towards the exit in search of a brown bag with white dots and I found her and gave them to her and she was happy.

Then I got home and couldn't find my iphone. So used the find my iphone-thing to search for it and type in a number where I could be reached - Anders number. Within seconds Anders let me know that it had been found so I ran to get it - a nice man named Forest had picked it up. He only accepted half of my humble finders fee - I gave him $ 40, he wanted none of it, then accepted 20 on my insistence- and did so to treat his friends to coffee.

when you're a forgetful person, you're often reminded of how many people there are out there who're just nice.

I believe in Karma but only good karma. I don't believe people get punished. So I'll keep running after people with stuff they've lost.

Also: keep that findmyiphone thing switched on!