Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time travel

I listened to this whole TAL-segment dedicated to time travel. 
Turns out that given the choice of a preferred super power,  9% of Americans would choose the ability to travel in time.

First of all, what a low figure. I was surprised it wasn't 9% who wouldn't want this ability.
Secondly, the majority of people wanted to travel in time to fix something in their own lives or see what life would be like for them in the future.

What a boring perspective!
I'd travel in time to see for my own eyes what things were really like. And why travel just 20 years back into your own life when you could spy on cave painters, visit renaissance courts, witness Egyptian coronations, travel on the mighty barges of Roman emperors, listen to the music of ancient China, witness the schemings of medieval Kings, try the food from days when all food was locally sourced, organic and free from pesticides, check out dinosaurs and witness what life really was like for the Maya or get horseback riding tips from natives of the American plains.

Would you travel back into your own life or roam freely through time? Where would you go?