Monday, September 26, 2016

Pics from yesterday - could I be announcing new TV-series?

Subway Swedes (above) - a comedy about two Swedish teens out and about in NYC, trying to navigate the MTA weekend schedule, constantly getting lost but not down.

Grand Street Playground (GSP) a dark tale about staying late at the playground, potentially there are zombies involved. Some kind of desperation de vivre is certainly featured. 

Also, that is what a man looks like in the afternoon after a 35 km run in the morning.
Anders had taken a friend out for a run, a friend who wanted to break his 30k barrier. So Anders helped him across that magic mark and then some.

We discussed the idea of Anders selling that feat to rich NYC runners. What should the pricetag be for taking someone across the 30k? 

We agreed on a 1000 for now.