Sunday, September 4, 2016

The trip up north - woodstock, long lake, montreal - my longest post to date

We took the train from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie, rented a car and went up to Woodstock to meet up with our friends Anker & Monica who had generously hosted Joel for close to a week. Went to dinner at Deer Mountain in, then slept a night here

The house Anker & Monica rented. That's a sauna and hot tub to the right. 
When night fell, there were stars. So many stars. 

Anders and Niki at Deer Mountain Inn

Joel & Jonas. 

With two kids in the car, we ventured up north to get the third back from Long Lake camp in upstate New York

The child

The camp grounds

The daughters

One of the many small cabins where the kids at camp get individual lessons in singing, playing instruments etc.

That's my husband out there. At parents weekend. It was very relaxed. And relaxing.

Then slept a night at a hotel in where the staff seemed to have jumped out of a Cohen brothers movie - one employee was missing his right arm while the other was very very fit, like Brad Pitt in burn after reading. 

Picked Vanja up and headed for Canada. 

Here's Anders and Niki on the Montreal subway.

I liked the Canadian street crossing signs.

Met a native Montrealean

Enjoyed the color of Montreal 

Passed a church festival

Went to the biodome - which was originally built for 1976 winter olympics

Marveled at biodome

Then went glamping

Before heading back home to NYC