Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yesterday New York experienced Seven-weather. As in Seven, the very grim movie starring Pitt, Morgan and Paltrow

Have also been watching The night of lately and yes, that kind of cheery weather and setting.

So anyways the whole city seemed bleak. Really bleak.
I had an hour before picking kids up from school, too little time to get any real writing done, too much to just sit and stare.

Walked up to Fresh cosmetics on union square to see if I could get a sample of some night cream I wanted to try.

Was offered a little pampering session by a young man with beautiful skin and thought "why not?".
He went on an on about the various products he was about to use and after applying them to my skin he exclaimed "look! so refreshed" and I just couldn't stop laughing and then he laughed too cause it was such an apparent lie, a charade being acted out by the two of us.

Me  - november gray, tired, mom of 3 in Seven-weather and him a young male with dreams of Hollywood.

So refreshed!

not really.

then took off to pick up niki and on the way saw a young man on a bench surrounded by paramedics in no hurry what so ever. The paramedics were putting on gloves. The young did nothing. He looked strange. In fact, he looked dead.

he looked like a character from game of thrones. so strange to have seen so few dead people that when I see one for real, my only analogy is from a tv-series re-enacting death. his face had that bluish dead pallor.

felt so so sad. so so sad for young man on bench surrounded by people in no hurry. HURRY! I wanted to scream. I think it was an overdose, but what do I know? but that's what it seemed like. the opiate epidemic is everywhere here now.

thought about his parents getting the phone call.

then went to get my own child

it was a horrible day.


  1. sorry for your day...get better, life is tough and still worthy...

  2. There have been grey, dark days here in Seattle as well. But of course, most winter days are dark in Seattle. Everyday I also see signs of the opiate epidemic. People shoot up in the bathrooms of my workplace. We call the police and the paramedics, but it just continues. I look at the news everyday and only see more despair. It has been hard lately.

    But each morning and each night I kiss my loved ones and hold them close. I put up some twinkling lights for me to look at. I burn candles and try to turn darkness into cozy. I watch Poldark (which my husband laughs at). I try to hold on to the good while the storm rages around me.

    1. thanks dawn. it's true. and thanks for poldark tip, I'll definitely look into it.

      my husband's in seattle right now, i'd love to go there too one day, hopefully soon.

    2. I can't recommend Poldark any more. The end of season 2 was completely depressing. Currently searching for a good comedy...

    3. I laughed at Better things.

  3. I will have to check that out. Thanks!


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