Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear people of Milan

Am truly impressed by your aesthetic ways and sense of order. When it rains, you seem to think raincoats and wellies are beneath you. You dress elegantly, often in fur rimmed clothes and boots in perfect condition. Then you put a shield between you and the rain/snow - an umbrella. But when entering a museum, you dispose of your shield in this elegant fashion - putting it in an umbrella case, each compartment has it's own lock and key.
Naturally, you bring this sense of order to your favorite pasttime - eating. Your roasted chestnuts are sold in this practical double bag - perfect for discarding shells without having to blend with the remaining delicacies.
With respect and admiration


  1. Ah, if I may boast about my home country: in Switzerland this is _the_ way to eat chestnuts. I don't know a stall that doesn't sell them in these bags. And we have a stall at almost every corner in the cities! (I've always wondered what the tourist-local ratio is for the customers who buy them though...)


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