Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thank you!

Thank you for all the jeans buying-advice!
I might still not buy any since Jenny's words about "even just the search for jeans is a soul-sucking enterprise in futility" seem so true to me!

Though I must admit I saw another pair of those wonderful jeans with braided details designed by Chloé, worn by Kate Moss, and what can I tell you? I love them. Love a pair of jeans. It's demeaning. I'm a healthy person with a house and a fine family, shouldn't I do something better with this privileged life than lust for jeans?

But buying this and buying that - I'm short on cash. Also read on various blogs about brands and trends and shopping and in the end it just seems so exhausting, time consuming, consuming and expensive. which are natural feelings to search for if you're broke, surrounded by beautiful things.

So just asking you: are you up for another round of forgotten closet? That would be me showing how one can dress really inexpensively with the help of old purchases, clothing swap trophies and general stress?