Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is this?

Among the possessions left by my father in law, Anders found this. Any of you know what it is? We think it's some king of musical instrument.


  1. A kind of cimbalom. Keep a look out for the sticks (køller) that you use to hit the strings with. The Musikhistoriska Museum in Stockholm might be able to tell more about it.

  2. Could it be anything else but a Zither? (

    Used in the grooviest film score of them all:

  3. Kan vara ett hackbräde. Konsultera Viktoria W, hennes pappa spelar sånt.

  4. Jag skulle tro att det ar en Zithar ocksa, men jag ska fraga min pappa som ar expert pa underliga osteuropeiska stranginstrument. Som Cilla mycket riktigt papekade spelar han ett av dem.


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