Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kicks for Vacationing Chicks

One upon a time, a long time ago, my momtold me that the hardest thing in the world was for a woman to reply to ademand simply by saying “no”. No elaborations or explanations. Just no.

I think she’s right. But the second hardestthing in the world is to say “I’m on vacation” without silently adding in yourhead “from my problems”.

Have you seen “What about Bob?” If so, youunderstand, if not, what’s keeping you?

I'm on vacation, but I'm also trying to win these. Nike doesn't like the word "gun" so I couldn't name my shoes in honor of my company Lovegun, tribute to KISS and to the idea that the only thing that should ever come out of a weapon is the atoms of love. 

So I had to name them the somewhat cheesier Love Run. This name is my gift to Ron Burgundy. He'd never go for just a quick jog would he? No. He'd go for a Love Run, wearing these.