Monday, October 1, 2012

Life with runners

This Saturday was the day of the Lidingöloppet race. The start is not far from our house. Thousands and thousands of runners crowded the island and some ended up in our kitchen and garden. Two of our running friends who were looking for our house knocked on the door of a neighbor's house an were immediately offered the chance to shower. They politely and awkwardly explained that they hadn't even begun running yet.

I went running too, as I thought the real races were still hours ahead. I ran my usual stretch and was surprised to see people standing on both sides of the trail, looking at me. I had to pause the music and ask if the races had begun. They had, and I was making a fool of myself, so had to take a different route.

Anders (in yellow) and Emil (to the very right here) finished the 30k race shoulder to shoulder at 2.08.20

That's fast.
This morning, Anders and I ran for the bus and I was FASTER THAN HIM.
A once in a lifetime experience!

Next up, Anders will run the New York Marathon and I will be there to cheer him on (wild guess: somewhere very close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

So new yorkers, looking forward to seeing you!