Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Because you asked - my wish list

I browsed through this book in a bookstore today, loved it. 
Same city, just a completely different kind of city.

I used to have this and love it and then I used it all up. It's subtle and nice and I feel so at home in it. Spritzed some on me at Bloomingdale's today, perhaps will keep doing that everyday.

This one is for all of us who don't feel all that comfortable wearing real make-up.

This one. Yes, I will dream on about this one.You know I lost my Canon, then got a "new" one off craigslist? Well, the images don't come out as sharp with the "new". 

Isabel Marant sweater. It even looks like it comes with built-in boob magic. 

Mason Pearce brush. pic from LaFemme blog

Chances of getting any of listed items are really slim. Will most likely get lip shine and book for myself in January, then try to get around without the rest. Have managed before so why not.