Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Half a day with the end consumer

Mornings are easier in December cause all three kids get up early to watch julkalendern, a very Swedish tradition where radio and TV broadcast a story divided into 24 episodes, one for every day in December leading up to Christmas Eve. This year's TV production is great. 

Then snow fell in Brooklyn. 

And Niki pointed out where her best friend Nora lives. 

Joel wrote a letter for his best friend. 

I packed lunch like people do here. Promise this is the only packed lunch pic 
you'll ever have to see on this blog. There's pasta with chicken and veggies in round jar. 

Watched the snow some more.

Walked to school, saw something shimmering beneath the mushy snow. 

Pennies, quarters, dimes. Some sad story must have led up to this. But for us it seemed fortunate, a wishing street, even if we couldn't stop to pick the money up because of oncoming traffic. 

Then ran into Cecilia & Lakshmi, love them.

Walked to my gym, ran on the treadmill while watching Queen Latifah and guest Snoop:

Went home to work, talk to a friend and tidy up while listening to this. Then went to pick up kids, go shopping at Bedford Cheese, welcome my mom to New York (YES!), cook dinner, do laundry, help with homework, put kids to bed, planning to read once they've fallen asleep, fail that because of falling asleep myself. 

Would have been an altogether great day had I not received some sad work related news. 
Oh well. next!