Thursday, January 2, 2014

6 months later (to the day)

A while back I asked you what you'd like to know and lots of you said "what's life like now?" and "How are the kids doing?"

We arrived here on July 2nd in the middle of extreme New York Summer heat. Yesterday we went ice skating in extreme cold in Central Park. We dabble in extremes.

The kids have adjusted to their new city but still often say they want to go home as in move back to Sweden ASAP.

Niki says it the least, Joel the most. But I think Vanja is really the one who longs for Sweden the most.

As for myself, I'm a bit torn.
I love New York City, how could you not?
I love the theatre of life playing every day in every street corner. I love the food and the extroverted norm of the New Yorkers.

I miss having my family close. I miss the comfort of old old friendship - people who know you almost better than you know yourself,

Then again am so happy and grateful for the new friends.

I miss trees and when the tree missing gets serious, I go to Central Park and it's almost religious - the calm those trees bring.

Speaking of religion - I love my Brooklyn gym, where people of every creed go to work out - the hasidic men dressed in crisp white shirts, black pants and real leather belts, the women in below-the-knee skirts nylons and shawls.

I love living in close proximity to the Met, my favorite place in the world.

I hate the fact that my three kids have to practice hiding in closets because this nation has seen so many school shootings, everyone has to be prepared for the worst, at all times.

I love the prospect of being here for real, of living here, not being a stressed out tourist trying to cover every sight in a few days' time.

I feel really conflicted about my professional life  - where is it going - what do I do?
Am just now finishing off work on a kids novel, trying to interest the publisher in another idea too.

Have decided will most likely keep the camera. will share more shots shortly.
Anything in particular you'd like to see? Beyond Niki enjoying her minestrone?